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Irrestible (A One Direction Fanfiction)



Natsuki's View

Cute Japanese Names

When clouds cry.

Can't be fixed (Fnaf story)

Can't be fixed (Fnaf story)

Dramione: Just the Beginning

Dramione: Just the Beginning

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Novation (64101)
2 days ago
Since my fanfiction is hard to get to, here's the url:

Discription: Chris was a normal child, until his 12th birthday. Now, he is time falling for better or for worse.

Genre: Sci-Fi/ Time travel
Ruby 3093421 (88844)
15 days ago
Is any one here? I really need someone to talk with.
Ruby (75807)
15 days ago
I made one, but I’m not sure it got posted.
kayla (20159)
53 days ago
Needs to be some dirty fanfic out there ;) 💚
UltimaGirl (43051)
65 days ago
Hi guys! I love reading and writing fanfiction!
I even made one myself, but sadly it is not on this site because i do not have email OR gmail...

👁 👁

Kendyl (64661)
102 days ago
Found out my CRUSH LIKES ME BACK!!! Thank you QUIZ
LuxTheSlayer_YT (94906)
208 days ago
Hope you enjoyed my Lizzie Quiz