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Should I Kill Myself?

Comments (18)


Cindy gatliff (43730)
6 days ago
I love you yes OK.
Skayr (89846)
7 days ago
Sry, Actually it was the Do you like him one.
Skayr (89846)
7 days ago
I need advice... I commented on the Does he like me quiz, if anyone is willing to help me :/
emoji magic (86525)
21 days ago
these are the ๐Ÿ’—est test i've seen
Emma (12103)
29 days ago
I really hope none of you actually believe any of these. Especially the โ€œShould I kill my selfโ€ test!
1) Youโ€™re life is always worth so much more
2) You will always be missed
3) These people are just click baiters & truly they are the ones that donโ€™t care about you.
Turn around and either talk to your family and friends, or pick up the phone and call the Samaritans. There is always someone there to listen. Xxx
Mohtar (57415)
52 days ago
Sound it's good but Doesn't work. I hate my life
sheneak smith (76864)
72 days ago
i like this sit, its a education sit because i learn from it. things i taught i do after giving my answer i realize i didnt noit at all. but at the end i got the right answer and i no it know. and i will always keep the right answers in mine that when i see then again i can say yes i no it.
Juana Santos-Stagliano (97798)
141 days ago
Juana Santos-Stagliano (97798)
141 days ago
Dantdm meet me โœŒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ—ฃ
Juana Santos-Stagliano (97798)
141 days ago
Come to 76 York town
East Brunswick New Jersey ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
Juana Santos-Stagliano (97798)
141 days ago
Dan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?! I have to go to
WontGiveOutRealNameForSafety (60211)
161 days ago
this is a really great site but if anybody gets tired of taking tests try it's a really great site theres really funny stuff
also i am still extremely bored so message me back if you want my number i swear i am not a pervert or pedophile i am just bored
Darkoark (96658)
356 days ago
Lugo one day one day. My name is darkria and zoroark
Julian (45403)
419 days ago
Arianna lugo hmu anytime FB: Julian Goldsborough
jake (60172)
422 days ago
i hate this quiz becauuse u dont even get to do anything
Ninja girl86 (39296)
628 days ago
Arianna lugo. U will find that right person. He is out there somewhere.
arianna lugo (25722)
657 days ago
im getting really lonly without any company. please call me your lover. if i love a boy i stay with that boy and im not a cheater.
siphesihle (57464)
730 days ago
well done luv u quizzes