Are You Actress Material?

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If YOU think you have a chance to be an actress, (or actor), then YOU should take this quiz!

  • 1
    When you buy water you get it at:
    A: room temperature duh!
    B: freezing cold
    C: I just pick a bottle and leave
    D: There are different temperatures!
  • 2
    When you try out for the play you always get:
    A: the part that nobody wants
    B: I don't try out for plays
    C: the lead (or the most dramatic)
    D: we have plays?
  • 3
    When you're a star and get the wrong size marshmallows in your cocoa you:
    A: deal with it I cant afford new ones
    B: throw a fit like all the stars
    C: I really don't care

  • 4
    In a movie, your co-star is a bully from your school days you:
    A: act like you don't know him
    B: say a new co-star or you quit!
    C: I'm always friendly
    D: hey, I'm still getting paid!
  • 5
    When you're a star your friends will be:
    A: every famous person ever!
    B: what friends?
    C: still the people you grew up with
    D: I've got no time!
  • 6
    If you designed a clothing line it would be
    A: sparkling, jewels, fabulous!...
    B: whatever the company says
    C: tight and short
    D: something i would wear

  • 7
    If you hold a talk show it'll be about:
    A: talk show host!
    B: me!
    C: the gossip in Hollywood
    D: whatever the scrip says
  • 8
    If everything doesn't go your way you:
    A: shrug it off
    B: over-exaggerate duh!
    C: everything goes my way!
    D: CRY: o
  • 9
    Dramatic to you is:
    A: bratty yet humble
    B: annoying
    C: I'm NOT dramatic *sob* sob*
    D: everything I am
  • 10
    You're only dramatic when:
    A: I want to
    B: NOT dramatic!
    C: never
    D: me dramatic please:)

  • 11
    You think this test was:
    A: a waste of time
    B: great
    C: pointless
    D: OK

Comments (95)


160 days ago
OMG why are they telling me to stop trying? so what im not bratty and over dramatic, i cant be an acter, i have always wanted to be one and you just say its not for me a to stop trying? why tf are you even being so rude. And AddyNick, stop trying to defend the author of this quiz, what they made is rude and crushed almost everyones dreams who took this quiz, im sure at least 30 people gave up on trying to be an actor because of this. Its not okay and this is a trash quiz and should be deleted or reported
266 days ago
Listen up ppl! Whether u have or u haven’t already, each and every one of us is gonna make it one day, whether this stupid person likes it or not. Stay true to who u are, this quiz can NOT control u so do not let it stop u from following ur dreams. I bet u are all amazing so don’t question it. I bet even JENNIFER FLIPPING ANNISTON couldn’t get half of the answers ‘right’. Each and every one of us is unique so embrace it as a good actress would do. Good luck. Not that u need it 😉.
278 days ago
"stick to plays"???? Okay that was unnecessarily rude. Sorry I'm not dramatic, snotty, and conceited? I feel like being understanding and polite will get me further than being a snob
527 days ago
mmmm what should i of put for it to say that i would become a good actress?! Not all actress' are silly, superficial over the top, dramatic 🕊. It takes a smart, ambitious woman who actually has talent to become a great actress, so i'll never stop persuing my dream.
670 days ago
You... heartbreakers I will never come to this site again
722 days ago
I agree with Angi101. This quiz just makes me stronger because I will never stop pursuing my dream of being a famous actor.
722 days ago
I think the quiz was pretty stereotypical, but I don't think it is fair to be rude to the quiz maker. It's just a quiz and it isn't actually the judge if you will be an actor or not. If you will stop being an actor over one quiz result than maybe acting really isn't for you. Good actors have setbacks and keep trying.
750 days ago
I had a bit of confusion, I thought this quiz was based of personality and I didn’t know there were wrong answer . The quiz was also a tiny bit stereotypical to me in my opinion as many actors and actresses are not so picky and mean. Even though there was misunderstanding, thank you for taking your time and setting up this quiz and to those who were told to give up your dreams, Don’t if you want to act , then you act ! Do what makes you happy 😊💞
824 days ago
Oh, and also, not all actors throw fits over marshmellos. They're just like the rest of us and they can be kind and not bratty.
824 days ago
Well, even though this quiz said I should try something else (and told me to stop trying), I'm a good actress and still going to become famous! Good actors always have setbacks and I'm not going to let this drag me down ;). Thank you, quiz maker for making me stronger!!!
830 days ago
👌 sent this message 462 days ago and I think you should read it but only if you're willing
"I’ve notices this quiz is getting a lot of hate,
I don’t think it’s fair getting made at a kid who just felt like making a quiz, sure it wasn’t very nice or helpful but if people are going to get ****** about it there no better than the author. So it would be nice if people would stop spreading hate and forget about it." I hope that the person doesn't mind me quoting them! Sorta
830 days ago
To the people who say they're giving up their dreams--it's just a quiz. It doesn't have to affect you any more than you let it. The person who wrote this... should have been kinder, I agree. Don't give up just because 1 random person who could be anybody control your dreams. 💕
838 days ago
This test is so rude I mean I’m still going to peruse my dreams and try but I mean telling me that I should probably look towards something else is messed up anyways this test is pretty trash
854 days ago
You have just ruined my dream, I've always wanted to be an actress and Im 12. I was excited to get my results and when I saw them my face just fell, I'm so upset and your making me doubt myself, so thanks a lot.
860 days ago
you have just crushed my dream
862 days ago
Ok I'll just give up my dream then if that's what you think I should do
950 days ago
I'm not an actress but at least I'm a good dancer and one of the actors in my freshman year of high school!!! (Btw, I was told I was a good dancer by my friends, family and even my musical director....OHHH and also from when I took dancing and acting classes at a young age....MY dance choreographer was the one who put me in a class with 10 year olds when I was just probably 6 or 7 and that was the older group class... OHH and one more thing sweetie, my dance choreographer said to my mom that I should go to a dance school.) (Also this ins't to brag I know it seems like it is but it isn't. It was just for the creator of THIS QUIZ!!!) I think I'm raging...
1003 days ago
This quiz has a bunch of hate comments. You don't need to add more of them. I'm sure the quiz maker knows you guy's's points by now
1003 days ago
Its just a waste of time
1078 days ago
Ahh just forget I said anything this quiz has enough comments