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Could You Be An Actor? Quiz

The awesome ones make it look so easy, but there is actually a lot of hard work (and rejection) along the way to making it as an actor, unless you just get lucky. Many people think they could be an A-List actor, but most are just not good enough. What about you? Try my quiz and find out now.

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    You've had experience acting (outside of school).
    You've had experience acting (outside of school).

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21 days ago
Ok so, I really wanna be an actor, I’ve wanted to be one for ages. I’ve never had acting classes (ok maybe once or twice but not that I can remember). I’m ten. I LOVE ACTING. It said:
With hard work and commitment, you could be a strong supporting character.

Start in a local performance. If you are passionate and work hard, you could have some success that will spur you onward. And remember: "The fault, dear Bruce, was in our stars, not in ourselves."
85 days ago
OMG I really like acting and it said I would be a great actor!!!

Tysm for making this Delila
156 days ago
I'm not an actor yet but I am trying out for a major movie
241 days ago
I have started taking acting classes and learning how to sing, because I really want to be an actress. The whole thing of being with people who you share intrests with, while doing something that you really love, fascinates me
269 days ago
I really dont like how it says that you couldnt become one because you can deffinently become one if u want to and beleive in yourself! Sooo
285 days ago
i want to be an actress but i don't think im confident or good enough....
287 days ago
Please i want to become an actoress.
299 days ago
🙄 You don't need a fudging quiz to choose what you can and cannot be! My rate for this quiz: 0%
378 days ago
Personally, I'm not a fan of how it says that there are wrong and right answers. If you feel really passionately about it, then you can do it! I've wanted to be an actor since I was seven years old, and I finally have an agent and am working really hard to achieve my dream. I think it's really important to give people encouragement instead of saying that it's a hard job to achieve or something along the lines of that. I know that I have a slim chance of succeeding, but a slim chance is better than no chance. For anyone reading this, wanting to give up on acting, or thinking that you'll never make it, I want to say this. You won't make it if you give up. So you have to keep trying, if you know in your heart that acting is what you want to do, go do it. I support you fully.
419 days ago
my mom really supports me trying to act more, i don't think i'll be famous one day but i just want to act more, i'll be taking acting classes when i turn 14 (because they're only 14 or over so yeah) and in summer my cousin and i will be going to an acting camp and i',m already really excited :)
435 days ago
You just might have what it takes! Pro tip: Always remember these excellent words to live by: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Who knows? Maybe you will even incorporate this quote into your Oscar acceptance speech someday!

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437 days ago
It told me that all I need to do is work hard and try my best to be a actress and actually my parents support me in that but the thing is that like we are in quarantine my parents don’t want me to take acting classes until it’s gone quarantine time.
453 days ago
Don’t take this quiz
457 days ago
I have loved acting since I was a child, but there is no one to support me, and unfortunately I live in a country that makes these conditions more difficult. Please, is there anyone in this way?
458 days ago
Oh, this is hilarious. I'm a professional singer/actress, but this quiz just told me to quit. Considering I'm 13 and got jobs since I was a baby, this is ridiculous. DON'T LISTEN TO IT, GUYS! IT'S SO OFF TUNE!!!
469 days ago
Wow so i want to be an actor but it said to stay backstage WOW JUST WOW!!
469 days ago
It says I can be a supporting character :)
475 days ago
i want to be an actor but it says its not for me im still young(11) so can i be?
488 days ago
I want to be an actress sooooo bad and I'm lucky that my friends and family accept that.

Except I think this quiz doesn't.
489 days ago
i want to be an actor so bad but my mom wants me to be a doctor i have no idea how to tell her i dont want to be a doctoi want to be an actor so bad but my mom wants me to be a doctor i have no idea how to tell her i dont want to be a doctor r