Should You Be A Musical Actor/Actress?

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So, should you?
Also, please note that this is JUST A QUIZ. It doesn't affect your life!:)

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    Have you had any experience in musicals before? Also, no peeking at the next question!

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1044 days ago
Thank you Rainbow In Your Cloud!
1044 days ago
Btw, great quiz, Nicki Ada Lise!
1044 days ago
I am an actress! YAY!
1047 days ago
Um... I took my quiz and I seem kind of... idk, rude? Eeee...
1062 days ago
Hahaha (thanks)
I guess I was just bored and wanted to have a conversation with someone about some specific thing so I invented the user nikkkkkk
1068 days ago
Also why do u keep having a convo with urself
1068 days ago
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii this is a greatttt quizzzzzz
1078 days ago
And anyone who wants to can comment! Doesn't matter what about
1095 days ago
Oh, that's fine. :D I guess I don't RLLY need 2 improve on every quiz...
(Or do I???)
1096 days ago
Helllllooooooo and sorry but noooooooo
1114 days ago
That's a great result! I've taken this quiz twice, and got 2 different, but similar, answers. Does anyone have any suggestions on how this quiz could be improved?
1116 days ago
You would be PERFECT for musicals! The stamina, singing ability, dancing ability, acting ability... there's not many like you! Go and start, as soon as you can! It may be hard, but I think it'll be worth it!
1119 days ago
Please comment on what you got! I'd love to know, and if you think there's something that could be improved on in my quiz! You're all wonderful, have a great day!