Calling All Artists! What Kind Of Artist Am I? Quiz

As long as your art comes from the heart, there's no right or wrong way to be an artist - although certain types will achieve better results.

So, which kind are you? Are you a dabbler, a social artist, obsessed, or something else? Try my test and find out now! Good luck with all your creations!

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73 days ago
38%: i am a dabbler :/
220 days ago
I bet ya'll will be great artists tho! ;)
220 days ago
I am 14 and I am 54% an unmotivated artist. Its true. I used to be quit motivated to do art and do art things all the time. But for about 2 and a half years I have not really been doing much art. The things depression can do I guess..
507 days ago
A social artist? I don't even know how to socialize??
616 days ago
I got 38% verrrrrrrrrrrry true :]
766 days ago
I'm a professional!? I'm only 12! My older sister is the proffesional! She draws amazing characters and unique pictures! My great grandpa was a professional painter! My mum can paint awesome portraits! How am I a- wait. This whole professional thing kinda runs in the family...
969 days ago
Hm. It was alright, I suppose.
1047 days ago
I am a ten year old girl and I am 31% focused at a professional level, for 23% I am a social artist, for 23% I am a dabbler, for 15% I seem unmotivated, and for 8% I am obsessed. I am honestly pretty proud of those results
1114 days ago
to find it out go on lavender towne what kind of artist are u
1133 days ago
On online classes, I secretly sneak a paper and draw while doing the online classes :)
1158 days ago
It says I am a lazy artist but i made alot of art I'm feel insulted by it
1256 days ago
I am a social artist!! This is accurate :D
1264 days ago
i am a 11 year old girl but i always finsh each project and they said my art is not good enough but i think it looks good
1266 days ago
I got profile A and it is ME exactly
1293 days ago
Is kinda funny that you can't edit it but I'm probably going to come back after a year to see if I improve or I'll yell at myself while looking at the mirror
1293 days ago
46% lazy
Me: this quiz is the best. the results were sounded just like ME and tbh. this give me a reason a HOPE why I should get my butt off the couch and start working, thank you!
1310 days ago
I really wish I can become an artist and an animator at the same time. I am good at drawing but I'm interested at doing animation. The thing is, it's really trashy and I'm thinking to give up.Plus I think my drawing were getting bad than the last time( because of my laziness ) and I have a lot of unfinished projects.But after taking this quiz, it gave a little hope for me,thank you.
1364 days ago
My result sounded just like me! This quiz was GREAT!!!! Also,it was really helpful. Who ever made this're a good person,[I hope].
1366 days ago
Lmao, it's actually true. Some people can get some weird results, but for me is 100% true. Great quiz, very epico. Me being a dabbler is facts right there 😔👌
1647 days ago
To be honest i really enjoyed this quiz but... the results were hard to understand sorry anyways the quiz was good and the questions were great! I do want to be an artist but i am stuck with singer or animator. I have been told i sound good as a singer and i have been told i draw well too... hmm i'm in a pickle. but still like the quiz thank u so much :3 bye!