Are You A Good Singer?

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Are you really a good singer? This test will assure you! Please do not be offended by results.

  • 1
    Do you sing a lot?
  • 2
    Have you ever had any trained experience?
  • 3
    Has someone ever complimented your voice?

  • 4
    Have you ever participated in a competition (ex. talent show, fair, etc...)?
  • 5
    Do people know you for your singing abilities?
  • 6
    Are you confident with your abilities?

  • 7
    Which of these era's is your favorite?
  • 8
    How do people react when you sing?
  • 9
    What singer would you worship most (of the options)
  • 10
    And lastly, how do YOU think you sing?

Comments (17)


61 days ago
i got You're not horrible... And that's okay. With lessons and/or private practicing, I'm sure you can improve. The talent's there. You can do it! Try singing along with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, or other music by talented artists. This will build a stronger foundation for you to build off of. Good luck!
713 days ago
I dont Know what Madonna is tho ;-;
771 days ago
OMG! They said I could be the new Madonna! My sis saw this and said: "Congrats-wait who's Madonna?" I just looked at her like: 🙀
772 days ago
this was very encouraging. thanks
773 days ago
Woww your answer is just like what my friend said to me "you can do better with more training"
783 days ago
lol this was really really insulting!
812 days ago
Im a good singer, there just weren't many good options for me on this quiz, maybe try to expand the options?
815 days ago
Sorry Lottie! Anyone can get better with practice!
816 days ago
this hurt my feelings😂😭
820 days ago
You guys are so nice! rachelle, my mom doesn't want me to either but if it's your dream you can do whatever you want! You can make a lot off of royalty payments. Eliza Jayne, happy I could help!
830 days ago
i want to be a singer, and i sink really good. but the problem is my mom said i should not be a singer because you don't get money. but i say to her it's my dream and i will be a singer. so i start to sing, and i'm really good at it.
843 days ago
Your quiz made my day!
I have a friend, Celeste.* Me and her are known for our singing and acting talent. She likes to show off a lot whereas I just like to sing and I don’t care what people think. She always tries to be the best and she acts like she’s the best. She kinda makes us all feel bad 😞 so this quiz gave me a big confidence boost.

Thank you so much!
-Eliza J.

*Thats not her real name
848 days ago
I'm happy you liked it! I'm sure you'll be famous some day 😊
852 days ago
Great quiz. I want to be a singer and I’m in my school chorus. Loved the test.😁
856 days ago
Of course you do! You sound very passionate and willing to do what it takes to be just like her! I used to love her so much too, and my dream is to be a singer-songwriter. I am glad you are so passionate about what you love! Keep working hard, and believe me, you can do anything
860 days ago
Hi I am a MASSIVE SWIFTIE and this might sound dumb but I want to be like Taylor. Ive loved her since i was 8 (im now turning 13) and I have heaps of merchandise in my room and I went to the Rep tour as well. I learn piano, viola (which is like violin), guitar and thoery at high levels. Singing lesson was just too much to fit in because i also play a lot of sport. I am in lots of choirs tho. And since I was 8 or 9, ive loved songwriting too and im very good at it.

People always knew me for my singing until I was 10 and new girls came to my school. Two of them were really good, and got all the attention. But when we tried out for roles, the three of us competed and then everyone would remember I was good. I am💑at acting so they would always get the roles in plays but I was still worshipped during those times.

My dream is to become a singer-songwriter just like my idol and my life plan is to graduate high school with VCE music and songwrting as some of my subjects(ive been at a private school forver), go to an amazing uni and study Music and Songwriting, get a record deal, release a pop album, become famous and meet Taylor.

I know I sound like a million other 12-year-olds in the world but Ive had a love for music since I started piano at age 5 and was (and still am) easily the best at English in my year which bodes well for songwriting. I work very hard at my music and am getting a new guitar for Christmas. I am doing 4th grade theory, 5th grade piano, 4th grade viola and guitar i dont do lessons but i love it and am very good (i have my own one).

Please reply and tell me 'Do i have a chance at this?'

Swiftie xx
875 days ago
I hope you like it. It was fun to make!