Would I Be A Good Babysitter?

Do you think being a babysitter is all that? Want to find out if you would make a good one? Then try this test to see if you are (or would be) a good, responsible babysitter every parent wants to hire - or just a slacking, lazy one who'll only get called once!

  • 1/10
    If a little kid asked you for a piece of candy, you would:
    If a little kid asked you for a piece of candy, you would:

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19 days ago
this is great!
28 days ago
I just got a job sitting and thought I should take this quiz i got 10/10....but on question #7 I think there should be another option
40 days ago
I got 10 over 10.. I'm really happy I took the quiz. Going ahead to Babysit 😊
46 days ago
on question 9 i feel like there should be another correct option of your not interested
71 days ago
I love children and I love babysitting, I love any job that involves children. I've been a teacher, nanny, co-worker and foster parent. I would give this quiz a 10/10, it was really helpful and made me think about babysitting more regularly and with older children than I'm used to.
81 days ago
i got 9/10 because the first time give them what they want whats the big deal its just a little candy hey i could have given them a vitamin c and told them its candy XD im only 10 11 in may my parents would never let me babysit ;-;
107 days ago
10/10 no suprise i'm 12 my neighbors have me babysit sometimes i just wanted to take a quiz to build self-cofindence.
131 days ago
I am only 9 and got 10/10 I would love to have a baby sitters club, I askd my mom and older brother if I would be a good baby sitter and both said yes 🙀🙀🙀
172 days ago
9/10 only because I refused to answer the question about a hot sibling. These days it's too dangerous to babysit but If it werent I could
175 days ago
I am 13 got ten out of ten tbh I would most prob be a babysitter idk
177 days ago
Me and my friends r starting a babysitting job so we can earn money to go to Paris. I'm under the age of 13 and I got 8/10. Was hoping for better score.
195 days ago
Its ok but why?
195 days ago
Oh cool!!! I love that show!!! If you got 9/10 I'm sure you'll do great!!!!!!!!
210 days ago
I am 10 yrs old and i got 9/10 me and my friends want to start a babysitter club next year
216 days ago
This quiz is okay, but some of the questions are so strange. I would NEVER try to convince a child's parent to let me take their kid shopping even if I didn't like their style. I would also not PAT A KID ON THE HEAD and say "awwww", if the had a crush on me, that just seems a bit inappropriate. (I am thirteen by the way I've babysat a few times)
217 days ago
Odd Thing! - I am only 10! Yup 10! I am not old enough to babysit but I got 10/10. It said I would be the perfect babysitter! This is a good quiz, but that's really weird and kind of crazy! They should ask you your age and if your not old enough to babysit for the results say "You WOULD be a good babysitter" not are. But that is not the quizzes fault. Anyways, this quiz is very good and is a good idea!
221 days ago
also why did you keep referring to the child as "it"?
221 days ago
This is just a tiny bit violent but otherwise amazing. I got 8 outta ten but I have only babysat twice for other people and like 100 for my family though. There are 5 if you include me, and im the oldest. Great quiz!
223 days ago
I'm about to start my career as a babysitter i think my first time will be my neighbors who are young and theres 2
242 days ago
yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah