Would I Be A Good Babysitter? Quiz

Do you think being a babysitter is all that? Want to find out if you would make a good one?

Then try this test to see if you are (or would be) a good, responsible babysitter every parent wants to hire - or just a slacking, lazy one who'll only get called once!

  • 1/10
    If a little kid asked you for a piece of candy, you would:
    If a little kid asked you for a piece of candy, you would:

Comments (131)


7 days ago
10/10!! woohoo! I'm still looking for classes to get registered but this is great encouragement.
98 days ago
This really helped me deturmin if im good or not for babaysitting!
102 days ago
I want to babysit kids not for the money but because I enjoy kids and how they act I love playing with them and doing fun crafts and enjoying/spending time with them
108 days ago
Oh spelling mistake I actually mean 9/10 not 1/10 woops******
108 days ago
I think that on question 7 there should be another answer, but I got 1/10 I already knew I was the perfect babysitter though
109 days ago
hi cassie, what's up?
109 days ago
not interested, I mean
109 days ago
I got 10/10 woho! They say Im a perfect babysitter, but I'm interested for it to be my dream job
123 days ago
I got 9 correct out of 10
129 days ago
I got 9\10.its says im the perfect babysitter.yay
165 days ago
361 days ago
this is great!
370 days ago
I just got a job sitting and thought I should take this quiz i got 10/10....but on question #7 I think there should be another option
382 days ago
I got 10 over 10.. I'm really happy I took the quiz. Going ahead to Babysit 😊
388 days ago
on question 9 i feel like there should be another correct option of your not interested
413 days ago
I love children and I love babysitting, I love any job that involves children. I've been a teacher, nanny, co-worker and foster parent. I would give this quiz a 10/10, it was really helpful and made me think about babysitting more regularly and with older children than I'm used to.
423 days ago
i got 9/10 because the first time give them what they want whats the big deal its just a little candy hey i could have given them a vitamin c and told them its candy XD im only 10 11 in may my parents would never let me babysit ;-;
449 days ago
10/10 no suprise i'm 12 my neighbors have me babysit sometimes i just wanted to take a quiz to build self-cofindence.
473 days ago
I am only 9 and got 10/10 I would love to have a baby sitters club, I askd my mom and older brother if I would be a good baby sitter and both said yes 🙀🙀🙀
514 days ago
9/10 only because I refused to answer the question about a hot sibling. These days it's too dangerous to babysit but If it werent I could