Electrical Engineer (Qatar Exam) Test-1

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Qatar engineering registration exam preparation

  • 1
    The Accreditation Board for Engineer and Technology (ABET) is an accrediting agency for:
  • 2
    Increasing the current withdrawn from a battery has what effect on the battery capacity and why?

  • 3
    A power plant uses a turbine-driven synchronous generator rated 3-phase, 150 MVA, 13.8 kV, 0.85 lagging power factor. All the rated conditions the power output (MW) is most nearly:

  • 4
    The main cause for transformer humming is
  • 5
    100 resistors of 100 ohm each connected in parallel. What is the equivalent resistance?
  • 6
    A discrete silicon semiconductor diode is forward biased at 0.75V, what is the approximate current?

  • 7
    Harmonics in a system is mainly due to:
  • 8
    A transmitter operating at 23.6GHz has a power output of 20nW. A receiver is located 8miles from the transmitter (dB) is
  • 9
    Which of the following characteristics of a data network is never a correct of a packet switched network?
  • 10
    Of the following engineering disciplines, who would be BEST suited to design and operate an automobile factory?

  • 11
    An over-current relay is used to protect a circuit with a maximum 3-phase fault current of 8000A. Primary A 400:5 current transformer ratio and a 5A relay tap setting are selected. If the total secondary burden on the current transformer for the maximum fault condition is 1:10Ω, the excitation voltage (V) that must be developed by the current transformer is most nearly:
  • 12
    A super heterodyne AM receiver within an intermediate frequency (IF) of 455 kHz is to be turned to listen to a station at 540 kHz. What tuning frequency is used in the local oscillator?
  • 13
    What is the difference between EPROM and EEPROM?
  • 14
    A computer network graph as below, where the vertices represents the computer and nodes represents the network connectivity. The diameter is used to determine throughput of network. Each weigh is one. What is the diameter?
  • 15
    Cascade amplifier used to reduce load effect; the output impedance will be:
  • 16
    Major factor to be considered while designing distribution system:

  • 17
    Construction work should begin:
    Select one:
  • 18
    What will a changeover changes?
  • 19
    A synchronous generator running at a speed of 1200 rpm and its frequency is 100 HZ, then what will be
    quantity of poles used in that generator?
  • 20
    Two circuit components of reliability R1 = 0.92 ohms and R2 = 0.85 ohms. If anyone of the circuit components fails circuit works perfect. What is the combination of reliability of both the components?

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