Electrical Engineer (Qatar Exam) Test-4

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  • 1
    An active filter will:
  • 2
    Embedded system should have best:
  • 3
    If gain of amplifier is 10 and having negative feedback of 9%. What will be the gain if feedback is remove?

  • 4
    Humming of transformer is due to:
  • 5
    High voltage winding of transformer has ________ resistivity than the low voltage side
  • 6
    Power consumption in the advanced embedded system is:

  • 7
    Harmonics in a system is mainly due to:
  • 8
    Main objective of transmission system:
  • 9
    Which of the following parallel resistance will have the highest value of the equivalent resistance?
  • 10
    In the receiver of a wireless system, we must amplify the received signal using:

  • 11
    In the 3-phase system, the neutral is:
  • 12
    Which circuit breaker is used at distribution level?
  • 13
    Open circuit test on transformer is conducted to obtain:
  • 14
    The electric flux passing out through a closed surface is equal to:
  • 15
    On the question above, what is the minimum diode power rating that can be used?
  • 16
    On the question above, what is the required supply resistance to ensure proper operation of the Zener regulator circuit?

  • 17
    On the question above, what is the Maximum Zener current?
  • 18
    The self-discharge rate of a lead-acid battery is least dependent on which of the following factors?
  • 19
    The minimum standard wire gauge of earth wire is:
  • 20
    The most economical method of starting a single-phase motor is:

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