Electrical Engineer (Qatar Exam) Test-6

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  • 1
    Cable length is 1000m, time of returning signal is 9.43μsec. What is the speed of wave in the cable?
  • 2
    An antenna has an effective aperture of 10m². What additional information is required to determine the amplifier power?
  • 3
    10HP Single phase motor, 0.8 PF, 240V, Efficiency = 0.6, What is the current?
    Hint: Pout = n V I cos Ø

  • 4
    Which of the following is not opportunity to do the project?
  • 5
    An alternator is operating at __________ for capacitive loads.
  • 6
    A super heterodyne AM receiver within an intermediate frequency (IF) of 455 kHz is to be turned to listen to a station at 540 kHz. What tuning frequency is used in the local oscillator?

  • 7
    For which of the following topologies can 10BaseT not be used without additional hardware conversion?
  • 8
    High voltage windings of transformer have _________ resistivity than the low voltage side.
  • 9
    ACR of conductor have 7 steel wires and 25 aluminum wires can be specified as:
  • 10
    Cable length is 1000m, time of returning signal is 9.43μsec what is speed of wave in the cable?

  • 11
    The equivalent circuit of induction machine at no load is the same as that of the transformer but with
  • 12
    Which of these is not a rule of interaction?
  • 13
    Within the battery, conventional current flow is
  • 14
    Activity on arrow needs to use dummy activities to avoid precedence problem that can happen due to:
  • 15
    What is the average value of signal v(t) = 5 sin377t
  • 16
    A 3 phase transformer, 25MVA, 66-12.47kV, delta-wye connected, 8 percent impedance. On the 100 MVA,
    per unit impedance is most nearly

  • 17
    A DC Voltmeter with coil resistance 150Ω is to be measured with sensitivity of 10,000Ω/V and the voltage
    Range 0-100V. What type and magnitude of resistance required? Hint: 1/Ifs = (Rext+Rcoil ) / Vfs
  • 18
    The offset of a particular segment varies from
  • 19
    The power gain of 30dB is equivalent to which amplification factor
  • 20
    A 1000m cable is terminated with a short circuit at the far end. The first reflected wave appears 9.43μs after the incident wave. The actual velocity in the cable divided by the speed of light is: Vp = 2L/To

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