Electrical Engineer (Qatar Exam) Test-7

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  • 1
    The power factor of an alternator depends on:
  • 2
    Fluorescent light flickers due to:
  • 3
    Which of the following can represent an activity on a project network?

  • 4
    A cyclic redundancy check (CRC) generator is based on what operation?
  • 5
    First step of scope planning starts with:
  • 6
    The term Fast Track means:

  • 7
    Output of Cascade amplifier is:
  • 8
    Incandescent lamp will work normally with best efficiency at the power factor is:
  • 9
    HRC Fuse means High Rupturing Capacity?
  • 10
    System means group of elements making a function?

  • 11
    A certain communication channel has a signal to noise ratio of 7 and a bandwidth of 10kHz. What is the channel capacity?
  • 12
    Software maintenance activities can be classified into several maintenance types. Which of the following is not a software maintenance type?
  • 13
    An industrial plant is served by a 12470-v delta/480-v grounded-wye transformer. The high voltage side of the transformer is served from a 12470-v wye-connected distribution line that has a grounded neutral. The best protection of the transformer against lightning strikes on the 12470-v line will result from surge arrester connection of:
  • 14
    The primary difference between a programmable logic array designated 16R8 and one designated 20 R8 is that the 20 R8 has:
  • 15
    What type of bond guarantees that if a contractor goes broke on a project, the surety will pay the necessary amount to complete the job?
  • 16
    Which of the following junction nodes are forward biased?

  • 17
    Which of the following best describes the sequential steps in an Object-Oriented design?
  • 18
    Increasing the current withdrawn from a battery has what effect on the battery capacity and why?
  • 19
    The only load on a 3-phase, 4-wire system is placed between phase B and phase C. The phase to phase voltage is 13.2kV. The load is 500kVA at 0.85 lagging power factor. The magnitude of the line current (amperes) in phase C is most nearly:
  • 20
    A BJT is used to amplify in:

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