Electrical Engineer (Qatar Exam) Test-8

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  • 1
    Which of the following statements best describe show a power transformer’s total losses vary with kVA load?
  • 2
    A power plant uses a turbine-driven synchronous generator rated 3-phase, 150MVA, 13.8kV, 0.85 lagging power factor. All the rated conditions the power output (MW) is most nearly:
  • 3
    A synchronous motor working on a leading power factor but not driving any mechanical load is known as:

  • 4
    Field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and other array logic devices normally contain numerous flip-flops. These flip-flops are generally or the type:
  • 5
    With respect to relational record-based data models at the user level, a relation is represented in a:
  • 6
    Which of the following choices is not one of the stages of a project life cycle?

  • 7
    Out of the following which is the best example of a project?
  • 8
    A 3-phase capacitor rated at 240V and 110 kVAR has been proposed for correcting the power factor of a 3-phase induction motor operating at 280 V, the reactive power (kVAR) that will be provided by the capacitor is most nearly:
  • 9
    A series of fuel cells is connected to produce a no-load voltage of 230V at a rated voltage of 300V, the cells provide 2.0MW to a DC-AC converter. Assuming the cell van be modeled as a standard battery, what is the total internal resistance of the fuel cells: Hint: (P=V²RL), (P=I²RL)
  • 10
    Permanent magnet has a relative permeability that is _________ magnetic material:

  • 11
    For effective earthling, which of the following mixture is preferred for filling around the earth electrode?
  • 12
    A discrete silicon semiconductor diode is forward biased at 0.75V, what is the approximate current? Hint: VT = Kt/V, I = I0 (e(qV/kT) – 1)
  • 13
    The voltage regulation of an alternator is ___________ for capacitive loads.
  • 14
    The first step of project scope definition is to:
  • 15
    While machine in operation, the slip of the synchronous machine is:
  • 16
    BJT will act as a switch in which region:

  • 17
    What is pipe-lining?
  • 18
    A room with a floor area of 50ft x 30ft and a ceiling height of 10ft has luminaries suspended 2ft from the ceiling. Assuming a working plane of 30in and a required illumination level of 50fc, the net luminous flux (lumens) using fixtures with a coefficient of utilization of 0.78 is most nearly:
  • 19
    A motor is equipped with an optical shaft encoder to measure motor speed. The optical encoder provides 200 pulses per motor revolution. A microcontroller equipped with a real-time interrupt (RTI) capability is used to measure motor speed. The RTI interval is 32.768ms. The microcontroller counts 372 pulses from the optical encoder in the RTI interval. The speed (rpm) of the motor is:
  • 20
    Which of the following related to observation in a measuring instrument:

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