Electrical Engineer (Qatar Exam) Test-9

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Qatar engineering registration exam preparation

  • 1
    A digital signal needs to be modulated and transmitted. If we need to transmit 4 bits, what is the maximum number of ways it can be transmitted?
  • 2
    When using Zener Diode in regulator circuits, the output shape will be affected by:
  • 3
    The motor used in travelling crane is:

  • 4
    Which of the transmission voltage is not applied in Qatar Electrical Specifications?
  • 5
    An important step in the software lifecycle is testing. One type of testing is integration testing. Which of the following is not true concerning integration test?
  • 6
    The forward pass in project network calculation determines the:

  • 7
    The single-phase motor generally used with household ceiling fans is:
  • 8
    All of the following are properties of fuses rather than circuit breakers, with one exception, which item is the property of circuit breakers?
  • 9
    A phase, 3-wire ungrounded, 13.2kV (phase-to-phase) wye-connected source is connected to a balanced delta load that is grounded on corner A. The voltage measured between Corner Band ground is most nearly:
  • 10
    The only load on a 3-phase, 4-wire system is placed between phase B and phase C. The phase-to-phase voltage is 13.2kV. The load is 500 kVA at 0.85 lagging power factor. The magnitude of the line current (ampere) in phase C is most nearly:

  • 11
    Which one is the harmonic source in the following list?
  • 12
    A low-pass filter is used to:
  • 13
    3-phase, 60-Hz induction motor has a nameplate speed of 1600 rpm. This motor has how many poles:
  • 14
    Which of the following is a name for a set of indices and values?
  • 15
    Your boss has just approved the initiation of a project to celebrate Qatar National Day. Sadia has been assigned the project manager as should be:
  • 16
    The spinning reserve is the:

  • 17
    Two resistances R1 and R2 give combined resistance of 4.5 ohms when in series and 1 ohm when in parallel. The resistances are:
  • 18
    Terminal represents control input of BJT:
  • 19
    An activity in a project network can be represented by which of the following?
  • 20
    What is analysis technique to determine effect of multi-sources?

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