Electrical Engineer (Qatar Exam) Test-12

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  • 1
    We have three resistance each of 1 Ohm. How many different values of resistance can be obtained by different series-parallel combinations if all the three resistance are to remain in the circuit?
  • 2
    The wind load LSi in Newton’s on an overhead line structure is calculated using the following formula.
    Lsi = 0.613v2 m/s KzGRF / CfAm2. What does the Kz term represents?
  • 3
    The resistance of 100W, 200V tamp is:

  • 4
    What is the best economical way to start a single-phase motor?
  • 5
    Strength of Materials?
  • 6
    For which of the following circuits elements is superposition valid?

  • 7
    Why steel is used in concert structure because?
  • 8
    For a 12AWG wire we should use CB rating:
  • 9
    If fuse rate = 8 Ampere, what does mean?
  • 10
    CMOS Inverter is superior to the R-Pull up inverter due to:

  • 11
    The delay time for a series of activities that would not affect if occurred the project timing called:
  • 12
    Which one of the following is not describes ceramic?
  • 13
    The device used for measuring potential difference is known as:
  • 14
    Among the sites being considered for a new main library are those adjacent to the following areas or services. The most appropriate site is one that is adjacent to:
  • 15
    Number 34 in the following “N34’ E” usually will be specified with:
  • 16
    Changing in the excitation in grid having an alternator connected to it will having the following effect:

  • 17
    Sensor transducers will transfer:
  • 18
    What is the term of component arrangement for waves in transmitting and receiving?
  • 19
    A passive filter can:
  • 20
    Which of the following types of material has high thermal and electrical conductivity?

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