Electrical Engineer (Qatar Exam) Test-13

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  • 1
    V = 50 Cos (40wt + 30) + 28.2 Cos (40wt + 30), R = 5, find P:
  • 2
    Which of the following systems uses Assembly language?
  • 3
    Weak power system means:

  • 4
    Project Control will be:
  • 5
    In 50Hz induction machine, if the no load speed is 2900 rpm, the slip frequency is
  • 6
    Which of the special purpose diodes formed by a junction between a layer of metals and layer of semiconductor?

  • 7
    What is the worth after 5 years of an investment of One Million Qatari Riyals if the APR is 9% paid monthly?
  • 8
    Which is not part of Scope Management?
  • 9
    Process to identify, study, analyze, and rectify root cause of incidents is called:
  • 10
    In the context of time management, which is not a typical type of activity dependency:

  • 11
    Which is not a resource related to activities:
  • 12
    Process of decomposing deliverables into smaller, more manageable components is complete when:
  • 13
    Project life cycle is different than product life cycle in that project life cycle:
  • 14
    Best time to assign a project manager to a project is during:
  • 15
    Scheduling periodic tasks to execute on a processor based on assigning the highest priority to the task that has the shortest period (greatest frequency) is:
  • 16
    The final step in the definition of a work breakdown structure is to:

  • 17
    In transformer saturation:
  • 18
    When using the method of symmetrical components, which of the following statements is most nearly correct:
  • 19
    To make sure that an instrument did not drift with time, we need to:
  • 20
    What are the most important components of sustainability?

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