Electrical Engineer (Qatar Exam) Test-14

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Qatar engineering registration exam preparation

  • 1
    Among the sites being considered for a new main library are those adjacent to the following areas or services. The most appropriate site is one that is adjacent to:
  • 2
    For the design and implementation of smoke detectors and door control system, it is preferable to use:
  • 3
    What does QSAS stands?

  • 4
    According to Brundtland Report (WCED, 1987) defining the main attributes of sustainability and sustainable development, what are the three main pillars of sustainable development?
  • 5
    Project management is ideally suited except:
  • 6
    A circuit breaker is:

  • 7
    Which of the following would not be classified as a direct cost?
  • 8
    The assembly language is usually used for programming:
  • 9
    The term sustainability refers to:
  • 10
    In circuit 27 is given and along with 52 mentioned:

  • 11
    AM radio signal is modulated how?
  • 12
    Two coils are in series. The H is 4 and mutual inductance value is 0.75. Hint: induction = K:
  • 13
    Which system will cause saturated currents?
  • 14
    A battery which factor is least dependent for long self-discharge property:
  • 15
    Transconductance of BJT is:
  • 16
    Induction load running at stability slip is:

  • 17
    Common breakers used in distribution level:
  • 18
    Fire Alarm and Smoke Detector is preferable to use:
  • 19
    Which one is the highest input impedance?
  • 20
    Embedded System working on which platform:

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