Electrical Engineer (Qatar Exam) Test-15

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  • 1
    Reinforce concrete will give:
  • 2
    What is the resistance for 100W and 200V potentials?
  • 3
    The unit of conductivity:

  • 4
    The unit of resistance:
  • 5
    The unit of resistivity:
  • 6
    A differential relay designed to protect a zone of the distribution system, uses current transformer (CTs) connected to annually CTs. The auxiliary CTs must match both the phase shift and the ratio of the differential relays CTs if the values do not match. Which of the following is the least likely outcome?

  • 7
    A Wrist watch mercury cell has a capacity of 200 x 10-3 AH. How many months can the watch function without replacement if it draws 15 x 10-6 A? Hint: Dh = I x t
  • 8
    A biomedical signal is sampled at 128Hz, no anti-aliasing fiber is used. Spectral analysis on the sampled data shows strong sit. The most likely source of the 58 Hz component is:
  • 9
    During which of the following categories are you more likely to find status reports many changes and the creation of forecasts?
  • 10
    The critical path in a project network is the:

  • 11
    In Hardware Description Language (HDL) the designer can specify the input and output. At what stage of function, name of input and output specified?
  • 12
    The equipment arrangement for transmit/receive of radio signal:
  • 13
    A D’Arsonval movement is with a resistance of 150 ohms is used to make ammeter. What is the maximum deflection range of ammeter?
  • 14
    A certain communication signal uses a bandwidth BW of 2kHz. What is the classification of this signal?
  • 15
    On the question above, what is the required supply resistance to ensure proper operation of the Zener regulator circuit?
  • 16
    Engineers are:

  • 17
    Loading effect can be reduced in a system by using:
  • 18
    Type of amplifier at transmitter:
  • 19
    Fan Out logic gate is:
  • 20
    The heat loss inside a straight conductor is 60J upon applying current I for 5s. If the resistance of the conductor is decrease to half, and the same current is applied for 5s, what will be the heat dissipation:

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