Electrical Engineer (Qatar Exam) Test-16

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    A series of fuel cells is connected to produce a no-load voltage of 230V at a rated voltage of 300V the cells provide 2.0 MW to a DC-AC converter. Assuming the cell van be modelled as a standard battery, what is the total internal resistance of the fuel cells: Hint: P = V2RL, P = I2RL
  • 2
    In an embedded system, the dynamic response should be maximum:
  • 3
    The selected collector supply voltage is 12V. The transistor must be on for pulses of 150μA or greater only, what is the required value of the load resistance?

  • 4
    What is the maximum allowable size of the over-current device normally allowed to protect an AWG #12 THHW condu temperature of 550C? Only standard size over current device are available.
  • 5
    A single-phase transformer rated 100/7.2kV has an impedance of 10.0% during a factory short circuit test done at rated current the voltage the HV terminals will be most nearly:
  • 6
    A radio station transmits 50kW with a directive gain of 105. What is the power density 10km from the radiating antenna?

  • 7
    The SCADA system configuration uses input from an instrument CT with ratio of 100:5. the transducer supplying the SCADA has a full-scale AC current value of 2.5A. What is most nearly the maximum current in the primary side of the CT? Hint: [Ip/Is = hs/h)]
  • 8
    On the question above, what is the minimum diode power rating that can be used?
  • 9
    Synchronous speed for motor 1200 RPM, 100Hz. Calculate number of poles?
  • 10
    The CPU architecture shown in the figure below is best described as:
    The CPU architecture shown in the figure below is best described as:

  • 11
    A room with a floor area of 50ft x 30ft and a ceiling height of 10ft has luminaries suspended 2ft from the ceiling. Assuming a working plane of 30in and a required illumination level of 50fc, the net luminous flux (lumens) using fixtures with a coefficient of utilization of 0.78 is most nearly:
  • 12
    Block plot shown below, what type?
    Block plot shown below, what type?
  • 13
    Which of the following is based on Ohm’s Law?
  • 14
    How can we convert in to cm
  • 15
    A differential relay designed to protect a zone of the distribution system, uses current transformer (CTs) connected to annually CTs. The auxiliary CTs must match both the phase shift and the ratio of the differential relays CTs if the values do not match. Which of the following is the least likely outcome?
  • 16
    A biomedical signal is sampled at 128Hz, no anti-aliasing fiber is used. Spectral analysis on the sampled data shows strong sit. The most likely source of the 58 Hz component is:

  • 17
    A system with an initial cost of 90000 dollars has an operating cost of 2.50 dollars per hour and is operated 16hr/day for 300 days/year. After 10 years, the system has salvage value of 10000 dollars. Assuming the interest rate is constant at 10% the total analyzed cost over the 10-year life is most nearly:
  • 18
    When an activity network is developed by using forward and backward pass we can find out:
  • 19
    Two tower antennas with height of 90 meter. What is the maximum distance between them for good communication?
  • 20
    An engineer is offered some additional gifts and services in exchange for using superior materials on a remodeling project. This was not detailed in the contract. He should:

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