Electrical Engineer (Qatar Exam) Test-22

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    A basic time domain reflectometry (TDR) system is used with an oscilloscope to display the waveform at the input end of a line in a non-return-zero (NRZ) digital system
    a 1000 m cable is terminated with a short circuit at the far end, the first reflected wave appears 9.43
    s the incident waveform. The actual velocity in the cable divided by the speed of light is v =2
  • 2
    An antenna has an effective aperture of 10 m2. What additional information is required to determine the amplifier power?
  • 3
    A de current of 50 A is flowing ina long isolated wire. The magnitude of the magnetic field intensity. H(A/m), 10 cm from the center of the wire is

  • 4
    Strength of material may be defined as
  • 5
    The output is to be maintained at 24 V, while the input varies from 120 V to 126 V with a load current ranging from 0A to 5 A . assume ideal conditions that is the keep alive current is zero and the zener resistance, Rz is negligible
  • 6
    Steel is preferred as reinforcing material in concrete because

  • 7
    Consider the three-stages r-f amplifier shown below ARI refers to the input amplifier stage. AR2 to the second stage, AR2 to the second stage and AR3 to the output stage For this amplifier configuration the total noise figure (DB) is most nearly
  • 8
    Which of the following is least bothered as a constant to the project?
  • 9
    An overcurrent relay is used ot protect a circuit with a maximum 3-phase fault current of 8000 A primary A 400:5 current transformer ratio and a 5-A relay tap setting are selected. If the total secondary burden on the current transformer for the maximum fault condition is 1:10'Q, the excitation voltage (V) that must be developed by the current transformer is most nearly
  • 10
    A underground system is built for a military marine system with a normal voltage level .A following fault analyst √is design the insulation is most nearly the voltage level foi which the insulation on the distribution system is designed?

  • 11
    A radio station transmits 50KW with a directivity gain of 10”5. What is the power density 10km from the radiating antenna?
  • 12
    The SCADA system corifigurationuses input from an instrument CT with ratio of 100:5. The transducer supplying the SCADA has a fu l-scale A C current value of 2.5A. what is most nearly the maximum current in the primary side of the CT? Hint:[(lp/ls)=(hs/hp)]
  • 13
    If the transformer operated in saturation
  • 14
    While working on the final stages of a job you notice that one smallest in the contract this been violated accidentally
  • 15
    The immediate-------------- must be completed befor the next activity can start in the project
  • 16
    The CPU architecture shown in the figure below is best Which of the following situations required a change order?

  • 17
    The 3 Phase Currents in a 3 Phase wye-connected 4 wire system are balanced and have third harmonic distortion. The fundamental 60Hz Currents have rms value of Irms = 60A.The third harmonic phase current have rms value of 3A. The rms value of neutral current (Amperes) is most nearly?
  • 18
    With an initially uncharged capacitor in the previous question, what is the initial current?
  • 19
    The maximum power delivered by a synchronous machine happens when the load angle is:
  • 20
    The output is to be maintained at 24 V, while the input varies from 120 V to 126 V with a load current ranging from OA to 5A. Assume ideal conditions, that is the keep a line current is zero and the zener resistance Rz is negligible

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