Do you qualify for Commander of an army?
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Do you qualify for Commander of an army?

This is a test to see if you have the qualities of a Commander. This is NOT an accurate test and should not be taken too seriously. However, please be honest with your answers.

Question 1:Are you wise, or unenlightened?
I am wise
I am both
I am unenlightened

Question 2:Do you possess much knowledge?
Kind of

Question 3:Do you brutalize and fear the masses?
Depends on the situation

Question 4:Are you strict?
It depends on the matter

Question 5:Are you benevolent or do you love the people?
Love of the people leads to corruption, I am benevolent
I am in-between the two
Benevolence is not as important as the love for ones people, I love the people.

Question 6:Are you courageous, or committed to your own life?
I am courageous
I am courageous but I am also commited to my life
I am completely committed to my life

Question 7:Are you a skillful analyst or are you unable to comprehend your enemies?
I can skillfully analyze and understand all of my enemies
Depends on who my enemy is
It is difficult for me to analyze my enemies

Question 8:Are you obsessed with achieving fame for purity or are you unconcerned with it?
I am unconcerned with fame
I want fame, but I won't go out of my way to achieve it
I am obsessed with achieving fame and would do anything for it

Question 9:Are you concerned with punishment?
Depends on how harsh the punishment is

Question 10:Do you place your army first, or do you put yourself before them?
I put my army first
My army and I are at the same level
I put myself over my army

Question 11:Are you tranquil or easily angered?
I am tranquil
It depends on my mood
I am easily angered

Question 12:Are you obscure or hasty to act?
I am obscure
It depends on the situation
I am hasty to act

Question 13:Are you arrogant?
To a certain extent

Question 14:Are you self-disciplined?

Question 15:Are you clever and inventive?

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