Will you be a successful spy?
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Will you be a successful spy?

Yes, I know that you want to be a world saving spy. Take this test to see whether you could be a good spy, or end up in the hands of the villain.

Question 1:   What do you think is the most important aspect of being a good spy?
Having fun with women.
Completing your mission objectives.
Slacking off.
A cool fancy costume to go undercover.

Question 2:   Which of the following people(s) is the best spy?
Ummm... that little pervert over there on my lap.
Homer Simpson
James Bond
Austin Powers

Question 3:   When 50 bad guys are coming for you, armed with machine guns, what is your reaction?
Hi yah!
Oh, yeah baby!
Hmmm, you take that half and I'll take that half.

Question 4:   Which is your choice villain blasting car?
Aston Martin V12 Vanquish
I don't need a car. I can outrun 'em!
Pink station wagon.
Shelby Cobra

Question 5:   What is your preferred weapon?
Golf club
Large history textbook
Walther PPK
My bare hands!

Question 6:   When being interrogated, what would you say?
Nonsense babbling
Nothing, I would do something to look heroic.
Doh! I mean, whoo hoo!
The truth, and somehow get out later.

Question 7:   When you break something during combat, what do you react like?
Grit my teeth and hobble away.
Just give up
Must...act.. like hero!

Question 8:   How clumsy are you?
I'm pretty good, but an occasional slip.
I move like a cat.
I could use some training.
Crash! Whoops, I broke my mouse. Whoops! Crash!

Question 9:   You just completed your mission: what will you do?
Eat donuts in a coffee shop.
Brag to the world that I am the best.
Spend time in the hot tub with a hot girl.
Wait for a few days to really know that the enemy is gone.

Question 10:   Finally, what is your spy motto?
My loyalty is to the mission, never to my friends.
Mmmmm...international espionage.
Babe I got you babe...
I'm the best spy in the world!

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