Are you boss/teacher's pet?
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Are you boss/teacher's pet?

If you want to find out if you are boss/teacher's pet this is the test to take!

Question 1:Does your teacher/boss call on you or ask you to do things for them?
constantly...what can I say I'm a suck up!
sometimes...but only b/c the 'good' students/employees aren't there!
NEVER!! I'm the dumbest one in my class/office!

Question 2:Do you ever offer to do anything for your teacher/boss?
NEVER! They can do things on their own why do they need me!

Question 3:Have you ever taken your teacher/boss out to eat for pleasure? (not business)
Of course!! They need to be babied once in a while!
Maybe once or twice
NO!!! Why waist money on them they have their own!

Question 4:Has your teacher/boss ever taken you out to eat for pleasure? (not business)
Of course! I am the favorite employee/student!
Maybe once or twice…but...
NO!! I am hated by my teacher/boss!

Question 5:If your teacher/boss were to tell a stranger about you it they would say:
He/she is the best employee/student I have...always does his/her work! Never late!
They are o.k. not the best but not the worst!
They are terrible at everything....I don't know why I hired them in the first place!!

Question 6:If an employee/classmate would describe you to a stranger they would say:
They are perfect at everything!! They have the teacher/boss rapped around their finger!
They are an 'average' employee/classmate!
They suck!! I am way better!

Question 7:Do you have a pet named after your boss/teacher? or anything named after your boss/teacher?
Of Course!
ummm...I've thought about it! but never done it
NO!!! That's just pathetic!! Are you saying I have no life??

Question 8:Do you have pictures of you and your teacher/boss posted in your house or locker or anywhere?
Yes! Every picture frame is full or pictures of us!
well...I have one or two but that's all!
NO!!! I wouldn't waste film on them!

Question 9:Do you have dreams of school/work because you can't wait to see your boss/teacher & help them out again?!
Yes! That is all I think about...doing good things for my boss/teacher!
I don't know...maybe...I can't remember what I dream about!
Hear we go again another pathetic question!

Question 10:Did you think this test was a good way to see if you are teacher/boss's pet?
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