Why are you going to succeed?
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Why are you going to succeed?

Are you just so darn smart that you can't help it? Or do you just charm everyone into doing whatever you want?

Question 1:What are you most likely to be found doing at lunch?
Sitting with one of your two main groups of friends. But sometimes you sit with other groups, and when you sit down first, your two groups sometimes both sit with you, one group on either side
Starting on homework
Hanging out with my small group of lunch buddies, swapping lunch and gossip

Question 2:When you forget your homework, what do you do?
Wait. That "forget" was supposed to be in quotes, right? Besides, this is unusual?
I ask one of my friends if I can copy hers.
I panic.

Question 3:Who is your best friend?
She is really smart, and ethical, too. She never lets anyone copy her homework.
Wait- the one from school, or from the neighborhood, or from my sports team? But they are all really funny and never boring.
I've known her since early elementary school, and she's really nice and fun to be around.

Question 4:Who would you NEVER, EVER hang out with?
The stupid cheerleaders.
Only someone who is really mean to me.
All the freaky people who go to my school, like the pot addicts and that guy who always wears a necklace with a pencil on it.

Question 5:What is your favorite class?
Wherever we are yelled at least and get the least homework.
Wherever the teacher doesn't mind if I talk a lot or whatever class I have the most friends in.
One of the core classes.

Question 6:Where do you go that you would say you didn't have any friends?
A bunch of places, e.g. some of my classes in school, the community yoga class I joined a month ago, and all the places I take walks in alone.
No where, at the moment. I make sure I have a friend in every class or club or anything I go to. I either convince one of my friends to join with me or I make a new friend there at the first session.
I don't really know anyone on the dance team yet, since I just joined two weeks ago, and none of my friends are in my PE class, but I kinda know some of the people there.

Question 7:Have you ever been called charming?
No way.
Many times.
A couple of times- as a cheap pick-up line, by my best friend when I manage to convince her not to be mad because I tore her skirt, that kind of thing.

Question 8:How long does it normally take you to get all your homework done, compared to your classmates?
Less, because I really don't have time to do much of it, or at least not to do it well. I have better things to do, like IMing my friends and chatting on the phone.
About the same amount of time it takes everyone else.
Almost double as long. I'm a perfectionist about that kind of thing.

Question 9:How many friends do you have?
I have at least 15 people I would consider friends.`
About 7.
Well, there's my best friend, and 2 other really close friends, but I hang out with a group of 10 or 15.

Question 10:And finally, how would your best friend characterize you in two words, one nice, one mean.
nerd, responsible
follows the crowd (OK, OK, that's more than two words), sweet
two-faced, fun

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