The Career Test
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The Career Test

Whether your 14 or 56 take this and know what you are meant to be...without paying for the results!

Question 1:Which is closest to what you always wanted to be?
A teacher...librarian...secretary...etc...
A laborer, like a minor, or a construction worker.
Something Famous!
A lawyer, or some sort of business person...etc...
A cop, fireman...etc...

Question 2:Do you have a job now...that you like?
I guess I like it.
Of course!
I hate it so much!
I like not having a job!

Question 3:Are you an artistic person? Do you like to paint or play music, sing, or dance? Anything artful...could be clay sculpting, or poster designing.
I'm am not very good at it!
Always, just call me Picasso.
sometimes, if I have to.
Sometimes, when the opportunity comes up.

Question 4:Are you lazy?
I don't even watch television....
I can be...when I want, or am just bored.
All the time! I'm proud to be a couch potato!
I would get up, but there's nothing for me to do.
To busy to sit, I wish I could though.

Question 5:Are you a people person? Do you like talking to people, whether or not you know them?
I am obsessed with talking!
No, people bother me.
To shy.
Why not, there just people!
I'm not sure, I might be...I'm willing!

Question 6:Do you believe that you are school smart and street smart?
I'm only school smart.
Both...I rock!
I'm a little street smart, but mostly school smart.
I'm a little school smart, but mostly street smart.
I’m only street smart.

Question 7:Are you a fashionable person?
Like Totally!
I like Dark!
I wish there was no such thing in clothes.
I put on whatever is in front of me.
I wear what I like, I could care less if it is fashionable!

Question 8:How is your body's condition?
I am not to skinny or to fat.
I'm a little chubby , I got some muscle.
Buff! that's me! All muscles!
I'm round...put it that way!
I'm skinny, but it's beyond my control.

Question 9:Are you a team person?
I hate working by myself.
I prefer being alone, but I will work with others if I need to.
I can't stand that whole team thing.
I can stand being in a team.
It doesn't matter to me.

Question 10:Do you rely on other people?
For some things.
Only if I'm desperate.
Yeah, I have to or I'd die!
Most of the time, but not always.

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