What should your career be?
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What should your career be?

Have you ever wondered what kind of career you should have? Doctor? Lawyer? President? Take this quiz and find out! Please: This is a quiz for fun only; DON'T TAKE THE RESULTS SERIOUSLY!

Question 1:Okay. First question. What is/was your favorite subject in school?
Drama and/or Chorus

Question 2:What is your favorite color(s)?
Blue, red, and pink?
Green, blue, and yellow?
Grey, brown, and orange?
Green, brown, and black?

Question 3:What is your favorite thing to do?
Sing, practice an instrument, or go to drama club.
Debate club or go to an extra help.
Talk to the social studies teacher about boosting up your average.
Play a sport- soccer, ball, softball, baseball, w/e.

Question 4:What's your favorite sport?
Lacrosse, soccer, or football.
Soccer, baseball, or basketball
I don’t play sports.

Question 5:What is the first thing you do after school?
Go to a sports practice!! Duh!
The cheerleading squad needs me..
Call a friend.

Question 6:What do you want to be?
Teacher, Principal, or something where you get to teach or debate.
Vote for me as President.
A future in sports.
Actress or singer

Question 7:How many friends do you have?
a small group of really close friends
a few really close friends and then some others
not a lot

Question 8:What' your favorite food?
Power bars, pasta... anything to get me pumped.
Sushi- I love interesting foods.
Hot dog and fries- the classic.
Everything is good

Question 9:What's your favorite animal?
A dog
Anything furry and cute.

Question 10:How much time do you spend talking on the phone in a day?
0-1 hours
1-2 hours
2-3 hours
Whoa... more than 5!

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