What will you be When you Grow Up?
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What Will You Be When You Grow Up?

First, the bad news: One day, you’re gonna grow up, like it or not. Aww, now, don’t feel bad! There are lots of awesome things about being an adult…including making your own money to spend how you want - and hopefully, doing a job that you like.

This quiz can help you figure out what you’ll do when you grow up. It obviously doesn’t list all the possibilities (that would be a REALLY long test!), but it can definitely get you started. Ultimately, though, your career choice is up to you. Follow your heart, because you’re going to be spending a lot of time doing whatever you decide to. Good luck!

Question 1:Do you like animals?
If they help my business
No, certain ones can kill you in a heartbeat!
They're OK
Ugh, get them away from me!

Question 2:Do you freak out at the sight of blood?
I’m not sure…I haven’t ever seen blood
Agh! Don’t get any on me!
No, I'm OK with it
It depends on why I’m seeing it
Hold on - I'll bring you to the nurse right away!

Question 3:Do you like little kids?
Ha! Little animals, you mean!
Of course! They are super freakin’ cute!
Sure, I’ll go get them some Happy Meals!
Yes, as long as they aren't screaming and fighting
They love me more than I love them, unfortunately

Question 4:Do you love yourself?
Umm, not totally...
Yes! Myself and all the animals!
Of course - I save people's lives!
Why wouldn’t I! I’m the awesomest!
Of course. You have to love yourself before you can really love others

Question 5:What comes to mind when you hear the word "money"?
Yay! I can afford a new pet!
My job
A cash register
Let's go shopping!

Question 6:Which of these networks do you like best?
Animal Planet
Discovery Health
Discovery Channel
Food Network

Question 7:Which of these reads would you enjoy most?
An encyclopedia of animals
Patient charts
Receipts...lots of receipts

Question 8:What's your favorite season?
I like them all

Question 9:Which of these is most like your home?
A house
A trailer
A home
A mansion
A log cabin

Question 10:Which of these pastimes sounds the best to you?
Playing store
Playing with my pets
Playing hospital
Performing plays and such

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