What's My Perfect Career?

Have you ever wondered what your perfect career would be? Of course you have - everyone has!
Let's set aside the mundane and dive into an exciting adventure of career-planning!
Your future job should not only make you money, it should make you happy and help you fulfill your potential! In this test, we will ask you several questions to determine what career path suits you best! So answer truthfully to find out what you should so with your life! 🎓

  • 1
    If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be?
    If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be?
  • 2
    Which quality do you value the most?
  • 3
    How do you prefer to spend your free time?

  • 4
    How work-oriented are you?
  • 5
    What kind of challenges do you find intriguing?
  • 6
    Which subject or field interests you the most?

  • 7
    What is/was your favorite after school activity?
  • 8
    How do you feel about continuous learning and professional development?
  • 9
    How do you feel about working in a team?
  • 10
    Which type of impact would you like to have on individuals?

  • 11
    How important is work-life balance to you?
  • 12
    How do you feel about public speaking or performing in front of large audiences?
  • 13
    How do you handle ambiguity and uncertainty?
  • 14
    If you were to be a character in a movie, which role would you prefer?

Comments (24)


283 days ago
i got teacher or celebrity. i want to be a celebrity or a lawyer lol
449 days ago
Seriously?! A Freaking Lawyer?! LOL
Do you realize how many BROKE lawyers are out there? I said I want to make $$$$.
Maybe if you’re lucky 🍀 and get someone like O.J off the hook 🪝 then you & entire family become like “Kardashian Gods”!
831 days ago
884 days ago
wau... celebrity with social awkwardness... GREAT combination
i cannot do the loud... and why can't men wear dresses and women wear suits?
940 days ago
I got celebrity/actress.... i have social anxiety
956 days ago
I mean I could understand why I got this my family thinks I could become a singer or model since they have offered me to be one im a talented singer is what my friends and family say and I love acting but I get very nervous around big crowds
1494 days ago
I'm not a doctor! c'mon! I'm an engineer! :P
1572 days ago
It said I should be a doctor but if a see a needle I feel like fainting so I would probably get fired after a day. Better become a journalist instead!
1617 days ago

You should be a celebrity! Whatever you are, like an actress, a singer or even a model, your bright and bubbly personality will get you far! Now that you know who you are, share this quiz with a friend so they can find out their job for themselves!

1650 days ago
1693 days ago
Yay! I got a doctor. I can be a vet right? 😃
1907 days ago
Sounds like everyone should be a doctor!
2023 days ago
I said I didn’t like blood... I got a doctor
2032 days ago
I got doctor, I really don't know what I want ,I want everything ,I wish these courses were a bit shorter than what they are ,my mom has high hopes for me to be a doctor and my doctors says I'm fit enough to be a doctor. I guess its my calling ,thou I don't like people ,and working with animals you need a special degree for a duration of several years.. Pfhwee
2133 days ago
I'm not gonna be a doctor
2153 days ago
..to the people saying "they never wished to be a Doctor".
You know there are various Doctors in myriad subjects, in psychology, culture studies, and professors in Art .. right?
2153 days ago
👑✨🌴🌅 ;) Celebrity

Sweet ! I always enjoyed movies, I did acting and modelling once before
2275 days ago
This is crazy they dont have any logic behind it.....it showed a doctor for me but i dont even have biology as a subject and this is my last year of school....so no possibilities of a doctor.......i think they just randomly show jobs...
2302 days ago
How did this know I am gonna be a doctor? ??😄
2400 days ago
A DOCTOR i want to be a photographer! Well i guess i wasnt expecting photographer to be one of the things on my list