Kids Career Test

Developed by a kid who can't find any other good aptitude tests. If you don't like the answer you get, that's OK, because you get to choose what you want to do (within a range) anyway. Obviously I couldn't put all the thousands of choices available on here, so you're not really limited at all as to what you want to do. These are just some popular choices. Have fun with my quiz!

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    Where would we find you at 10 on a Saturday morning?
    Where would we find you at 10 on a Saturday morning?

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21 days ago
I got athlete. Super accurate!
28 days ago
i got singer it is in my top 5 things to be when im older
1.An author cause i love wrighting.
2.An aquarium worker ( there is a word for it but i cant spell it.)
3.A fashion designer.
4.A singer ( cause i have a realy good voice.)
5.And a furniture designer ( came from my love to make barbie stuff out of random things. Like bottle caps and cookie containers
30 days ago
bruh. da frig dis got me all wrong ,':/undefined
35 days ago
Never mind it is horrible
35 days ago
It is not bad😐😐😐
54 days ago
It said I was a athlete, I'm horrible at sports!
59 days ago
It said to be a athlete but I want to be mountain search and rescue.
75 days ago
WOW! I thought it would get it wrong because of all of these comments but I got singer and I'm an excellent singer, singer was one of my top 5 careers for when I am older! ( 1st - 5th ) Singer, dancer, artist, fashion designer, or Olympian gymnast.
80 days ago
It said for me A SINGER but I wanted to be a author. :(
87 days ago
Really?!?! A doctor?!?!? I hate science and anything to do with it and mental! I prefer arts and technology! I wanted to have a job to do with computers or art or architecture! There are also not much options. Ohm well... I am not listening to this!
91 days ago
91 days ago
Whoa where godzilla boiiiii
92 days ago
Sussy Baka Aaahhhhhhhahahahahhhah
92 days ago
94 days ago
bro what is tHISSSSSSS!
96 days ago
98 days ago
what is this for do i need to do this
102 days ago
351 days ago
idk why but my teacher assigned us to take this
355 days ago
broooo it was not that bad