What job field is best for your interests?

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When I was a child, I thought a lot about the kind of job I wanted when I grew up.
Here is a quiz to provide a general idea of jobs that are fit for you!

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    Do you want to work inside or outside?

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8 days ago
I got 30% social path, but i'm shy and awkward so I think that's a 0% chance of that
1122 days ago
This quiz is accurate for me I want to be an architect and that was the first job that came up so yeah. Nice job Elena! Except for the part where the second option was accountant and that was the job I said absolutely no too so 😒 but yeah otherwise it was fine happy 😊.
1366 days ago
This quiz describes the exact oppostie of my personality. I'm the most unpredictab;le person out there, espessionaly with my spelling. bye.
1366 days ago
hi mom! btw i am savegness and the quiz maker is my sister this quiz sucks
1393 days ago
What the flippity flop?
1393 days ago
Oops, didn't mean to send that!
1393 days ago
1396 days ago
I got the social career path
1397 days ago
A paper towel sniffer is really just what it sounds like.
1397 days ago
Okay. Are you sure this quiz maker knows what she's talking about?
1397 days ago
Hold on...
I'll google it.
1397 days ago
What is a paper towel sniffer?