Which job is your calling?

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Self explanatory!

  • 1
    If you’re in a fight with your friend, what are you most likely going to act like?
  • 2
    Someone calls you to let you know that you have won the Sweepstakes for a 3 night stay in Disney’s Cinderella Castle. 🏰 They tell you that a friend nominated you. What do you do from there?
  • 3
    Which club sounds most appealing to you?

  • 4
    A person that you don’t think is attractive keeps asking you out, and it’s getting annoying. You’re at your last straw—what do you do?
  • 5
    You find out that your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on you. However, he/she doesn’t know that you know. What’s your next move?
  • 6
    You really have to use the bathroom, but this is during an important meeting. You look at the clock, and there are 15 minutes left. You...

  • 7
    Your friend gives you a gift for your birthday. You really hope it’s a(n)—
  • 8
    Would you date someone ten years older?
  • 9
    If someone criticizes you, what do you do?
  • 10
    And lastly, if you were to get a pet, which would you like to have the most?

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