Weekend class quiz 1

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Weekend class quiz for my real estate class

  • 1
    Of the following characteristics of real property, which is not a physical characteristic?
  • 2
    Broker Betty received her license on April 15, 2012. By which of the following dates must she complete her first 8 hours of continuing education to remain on active status?
  • 3
    A woman wishes to donate a vacant lot that she owns in fee simple absolute to a hospital that is located next to her lot. An attorney prepares a deed that conveys the ownership of the lot to the hospital "as long as it is used for medical purposes." After the completion of the gift, the hospital will hold a

  • 4
    Which of the following would be required to have a license in order to be paid for selling or leasing real estate?
  • 5
    Which of the following would not accurately described a License Law requirement for a real estate broker's trust account?
  • 6
    Which of the following best describes a lien:

  • 7
    If a deed conveyed all interests in the property with the exclusion of any emblements, which of the following would not transfer to the new owner?
  • 8
    A couple purchases a property during their marriage and take title as tenants by the entirety. Years later the couple gets divorced. Which of the following is not a legal possibility with regards to the ownership of the property after their divorce?
  • 9
    A brokers provisional status is removed when
  • 10
    Bob the builder poured a new patio on his property. When the neighbor sold his property the new buyer had a survey and discovered the patio extended beyond Bob's property line. This would be an example of a/an:

  • 11
    Which of the following is true of the NC real estate commission?
  • 12
    A charge levied against a property owner for improvements that benefit the property are best described as:
  • 13
    Which of the following would have the greatest impact on property values?
  • 14
    All of the following are true regarding a property located along the banks of a non-navigable body of water except:
  • 15
    All of the following are true regarding a broker with a license on inactive status except:
  • 16
    Of the following items which one would be considered a fixture that should automatically convey with the sale of a residential property?

  • 17
    The North Carolina Machinery Act states that
  • 18
    Two friends, Bob and Jim decide to buy an investment property together. The take title to the property as joint tenants. Each owner has a will made leaving their portion of the property to their designated heirs. Jim dies, which of the following is true?
  • 19
    Which of the following is a non-inheritable estate?
  • 20
    The amount and kind of interest a person has in real property is known as

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