CDC's 2G051 Vol. 2

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  • 1
    What is the Air Force methodology for presenting forces to the CCDR?
  • 2
    What forced us to update our Air Force-wide system of organizing, scheduling, and presenting our forces to CCDR's?
  • 3
    What are the three main principles for structuring and executing the AEF?

  • 4
    What is the tour length for tempo bands "b" through "e"?
  • 5
    What is the basic building block used in force planning and deployment of AETF?
  • 6
    What ART report provides current status of the UTC(s), including commander's comments and focuses on retrieving the UTC/Availability (ALN) status, with applicable remarks?

  • 7
    Where does ART reside?
  • 8
    Which of these is not one of the 5 readiness categories that ART measures?
  • 9
    How are deployable manpower authorizations that cannot be described by or do not fit in an existing standard deployable UTC postured?
  • 10
    To whom does the CSAF forward any changes to assigned, apportioned, and allocated forces for the SECDEF approval?

  • 11
    Who publishes G-series orders authorizing AETF commanders?
  • 12
    Who manages the ART?
  • 13
    Who verifies, coordinates, and flows requirements from AFPC/DPW to design units within seven working days?
  • 14
    Who determines the scope of base deployment exercises?
  • 15
    Who has the statutory responsibility to provide organized, trained, equipped and ready forces to meet CCDR requirements?
  • 16
    When cumulatively added together, what minimum percentage of personnel and equipment from each functional area must have been exercised by each base during the 20-month AEF cycle?

  • 17
    Within what period of time must subordinate commanders notify Airmen of a tasking that is received 30 or more days prior to RDD.
  • 18
    Who coordinates with the Communications Squadron commander to limit non-deployment related LAN traffic during deployment operations?
  • 19
    Who has direct oversight of the IDO and owns the deployment process?
  • 20
    Who is not a permanent IDRC staff member?

  • 21
    Who may require other personnel to work in the IDRC?
  • 22
    Who heads the IDRC?
  • 23
    Who is responsible for installation deployment process training?
  • 24
    Who normally stores MOBAGs?
  • 25
    To whom does the unit commander report all deployment taskings?
  • 26
    How often is the unit commander required to review all UTCs in ART

  • 27
    How often is the DPWG requited to meet?
  • 28
    How is a UTC represented?
  • 29
    What does the suffix code represent in a UTC?
  • 30
    What can give you a quick reference of the UTC, unit type, pilot unit, authorized personnel, and cargo short ton requirements?

  • 31
    What IDS system helps create the DSOE?
  • 32
    What IDS system makes chalk assignments for deploying cargo?
  • 33
    Who is notified when original sourcing was not met and a new tasking request has to be submitted?
  • 34
    What is the supported CCDR's statement of his or her requirements by unit type, time period, and priority for arrival?
  • 35
    What do planners use to define the force requirements by UTC?
  • 36
    Which of these is not a reference file used in JOPES?
  • 37
    What module of LOGMOD automates the scheduling system?
  • 38
    What number is used by the various automated transportation system to track visibility of shipped cargo?
  • 39
    How often should the IDP be reviewed?
  • 40
    What CDF position places cargo in load plan sequence by chalk, normally according to chalk departure time?
  • 41
    Which CDF position completes final load plans to ensure maximum utilization of aircraft, ease of cargo on/offload, and safety of flight standards?
  • 42
    Which CDF position manages status of cargo, updates completion times in the Schedule module of LOGMOD, identifies potential bottlenecks and works with CDF personnel, units, and DCC to ensure cargo is processed on time?
  • 43
    Who is responsible for reviewing and monitoring all applicable classified messages that pertain to the installation's taskings?
  • 44
    Which is not a minimum requirement of communications for the DCC?
  • 45
    How many trained individuals will staff the UDCC?

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