Real Estate Chapter 1

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  • 1
    All of the following are separable ownerships in land EXCEPT
  • 2
    All of the following factors would affect supply, EXCEPT:
  • 3
    When the supply of a commodity decreases:

  • 4
    All of the following are required of a candidate to obtain a NC Real Estate Brokers License, EXCEPT:
  • 5
    Which of the following is correct regarding the educational requirements of a provisional broker?
  • 6
    How are members of the NC Real Estate Commission chosen?

  • 7
    It is the job of the NC Real Estate Commission to perform all of the following, EXCEPT:
  • 8
    All of the following are economic characteristics of real property, EXCEPT:
  • 9
    The fact that real estate licensees must be licensed in the state where the real estate is located and not where the client is located occurs:
  • 10
    Highest and best use would be best defines as:

  • 11
    In regard to real estate's role in economic cycles, which of the followng statements is correct?
  • 12
    In regard to the compostion of the NC Real Estate Commission, which of the followinf statement is correct?
  • 13
    The North Carolina Real Estate Commission has the authority to:
  • 14
    Under the doctrine of specific performance, the party harmed by breach of a real estate contract can ask a judge to force the breaching party to carry out the terms of the contract rather than order the breaching party to pay monetary damanges. Which physical characteristic of land if the basis for the doctrine of specific performance?
  • 15
    Which of the following is considered to have the greatest impact on the value of property?
  • 16
    In determining the value of a property the location is important. Factors in the community which cause businesses to relocate there and the ability to attract new businesses is known as the:

  • 17
    The characteristic of land that causes the real estate market to be essentially a local market is the physical characteristic of:
  • 18
    The nonhomogenity of land:
  • 19
    An increase in the economic supply of land has resulted from:
  • 20
    The quality of the location of land and consequently the value of the land can be changed by:

  • 21
    The employment of the concept of highest and best use:
  • 22
    An example of public land use control is:
  • 23
    Real estate investment offers the opportunity to produce a profit in the following ways, EXCEPT:
  • 24
    The real estate market may be described in all of the following ways EXCEPT:

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