What Corporate Suit, Suits You Best?
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What Corporate Suit, Suits You Best?

Based on corporate culture and organizational management, which company do you fit in with the most...IBM, Texaco, or Wal-Mart? Take the quiz and find out!

Question 1:   Which of the following characteristics fit you best?
A "big picture" person
Extremely motivated & determined
Definitely a team player

Question 2:   Of the three, what would you prefer?
Your very own cubicle
Your own private corner office
No office

Question 3:   Most often, which would you prefer to wear to work?
Professional Corporate Attire
Regular "Street" Attire
Business Casual Attire

Question 4:   Of the three, what is most important in an organization...
Diversity in the workplace
Customer (internal & external) satisfaction
Corporate objectives, vision, and mission

Question 5:   Which phrase fits you best?
I love company activities...I even sing the company song!
Who cares...as long as the company is happy and I'm happy
I keep it strictly business...that's all that matters on the job

Question 6:   How do you work best?
I thrive when I work independently
I work best in both a team and as an indie
I work best in a team

Question 7:   Which of the following management styles fit you best?
The Administrator - policy driven
The Producer - performance driven
The Entrepreneur - creativity driven

Question 8:   If you were up for a job promotion (with no increase in pay), which would you prefer?
Stay within the department/division in a different position
Transfer to a completely different department/division
Continue in my current position

Question 9:   Which of the following governances are you most comfortable with?
An environment with no strong standing policy with greater sovereignty
An environment that closely follows the company policy
An environment that has a strong policy with some autonomy

Question 10:   Which of the following environments do you prefer?
A highly professional environment
Very relaxed and laid back environment
A combination of a professional and relaxed atmosphere

This Quiz has been designed by Leslie Harris.