Where Should I Go To College?

When it comes to higher learning, the choices are practically endless. Choosing can be SO confusing! If you're wondering where you should go to college, this is the right quiz for you. P.S.: Sorry that because my space was limited, I could only list a few choices. But hopefully this will be helpful for many who take it. Thanks for giving it a try, and good luck with your higher learning!

  • 1
    What do you want to do for a living?
    What do you want to do for a living?
  • 2
    What do you want your college to be like, sizewise?
  • 3
    Your friends would say you are:

  • 4
    How is your family, money-wise?
  • 5
    It's Saturday night, and you have nothing to do. How would you entertain yourself?
  • 6
    You just got your report card! What does yours say?

  • 7
    In class, the teacher is not there. For some reason, the principal didn't get a substitute, but he might come to check on the class later. What do you do?
  • 8
    Where do you want to be living when you get older?
  • 9
    How are you feeling today?
  • 10
    And lastly, how did you feel about this quiz?

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83 days ago
83 days ago
........................................ ...................…
87 days ago
I really want to be a actor
734 days ago
:D hello creator of the quiz idk if you're old enough yet but I hope you go to the school of your dreams!!!
811 days ago
It said undecided.....
1025 days ago
1173 days ago
Why We Gotta Do This College Thingz
1191 days ago
I am kind of disappointed you guys thought we all lived in America. I live in Canada and I know there are people who live in other countries. Maybe next time you could say foreign country as an option. And for the results you could've said something more broad. For ex. A college that works hard, A college that is known for its music and so on. Just a couple of suggestions that's all. No hate intended
1626 days ago
I think this quiz is fun I am over 4 years from collage still but I do want to go to Nyu or at least somewhere there there is a great photographers program at one of them and I think this quiz was a sign!!!
But also there wasn't to many choices so follow your heart but still thank you for whomever made this quiz
1729 days ago
No questions that were my style. I'd rather go to Yale instead.😡
1803 days ago
Im goin 2 berklee better learn what that is...
1970 days ago
I like athletics but other than that i love being in the outdoors.
2205 days ago
You should add another choice and it should be others or for you to type it in but that might be to hard to set up.