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Ever find yourself striking a dramatic pose while singing into your hairbrush? Are you mesmerized by the sounds of your own singing as you get soapy in the shower or fly down the freeway? Are you in a choir but hate sharing the spotlight and the praise? Then you've probably been stricken with the "I Wanna Be a Singer!" bug.
We see you! And you're totally not alone. Plenty of now-famous singers busted their ballads at open mics, church concerts, talent shows and even karaoke bars before being discovered. And with shows such as The Voice, America's (and Britain's) Got Talent and American Idol, it's easier than ever to get noticed.
Most of us LIKE to sing. Some of us LOVE to! But sadly, few of us are worthy of fame and fortune for the awesome sounds that come out of our eager lungs, throats and mouths. Are you wondering, "Am I a good singer?" Find out here by taking our quizzes on this topic. We're looking forward to saying "we knew you when"!

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Do you have what it takes to be a famous singer?

How Good Is My Singing Voice?

How Good Is My Singing Voice?

Am I a good singer?

Am I A Good Singer?

Am I A Good Singer?

Should/Could You Be A Singer?

Are you going to be the next singer?

Are you going to be the next singer?

Are You A Good Singer?

How well can you sing?

Could YOU make it on Broadway?

Do you think you can be a singer?

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173 days ago
Am I a good singer
228 days ago
I'm a good singer but but I want to be known everywhere
284 days ago
I think I am a good singer but I don't know can you help me
303 days ago
moto moto is too busy to sing!
308 days ago
my friends think I'm a good singer but the sometimes tell me that my singing is annoying af
308 days ago
my parents think I'm to chunky to be an opera singer
310 days ago
I’m not 10 yet and singing is my passon. I sing everyday every were I go. I 💖💖 SINGING 🎤
319 days ago
I love to sing but I am just so shy and have no confidence what so ever
319 days ago
I don’t know if I should sing
324 days ago
I love to sing when I'm sad. I went to be a singer when I gown up and to travail all over the world. It makes me feel happy when I sing.
331 days ago
I love to sing it's like i'm in a hole other world when I sing and i'd love to share it with the world my BFF's think i'm a pro at singing and my friend Katie said I should join the singing composition at our school
353 days ago
My parents are not supportive of the singing career path and my friends say I'm terrible. Honestly though I don't think I'm half bad and I do really want to pursue a music career. My favorite song at the moment is "You Rock My World" and I really like the 80s (ex. George Michael, Madonna... all 80s pop, soul, rnb, some rock, etc..) I have written some really good songs too and I definitely know I could be successful in the songwriting field. I want to sing more though and someday I will make it. I know I can make it if Drake did, because obviously that shows that record deals anymore are not hard to get (sorry for that example). Ly all!
366 days ago
i also love Why Don't we and when in Hooked they do that "im hooked! o o o OOOOO" im the ony one that can do it lol
366 days ago
pretty much everyone says i have a good voice
once i was singing Drag Me Down (i love 1d, fight me) and there was the part where Harry goes DOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooown and my mom just stared at me, mouth hanging open, and said "I had no idea you could sing like that!"
so... i sang at school in class and everyone started saying "aaaa you're so talenteeedddd!!!"
the only person that hates my voice is Greg, my brother lol
371 days ago
My friends say i have a great voice but i think they hate my voice
371 days ago
I just want to know if I have a good voice before I audition for a song
389 days ago
I want to know I'm a good singer
433 days ago
I'm a boy and I'm a FRESHIEEEE. In middle school I was complimented about my voice a lot. However, I was really shy about it. In high school whenever I sing everyone is just quiet. I can't tell if they think my singing voice is good or bad because they all have straight faces. Can someone try and help me?
434 days ago
i meant 7th not 77th xD
434 days ago
my sister and I are in 77th grader and my sister is in choir and wants to be a singer and I'm okay at singing but the bad part is that she thinks I will steal singing from her since it's like, her thing so she always rolls her eyes when I start singing...and it lowers my self-esteem so much :(