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Ever find yourself striking a dramatic pose while singing into your hairbrush? Are you mesmerized by the sounds of your own singing as you get soapy in the shower or fly down the freeway? Are you in a choir but hate sharing the spotlight and the praise? Then you've probably been stricken with the "I Wanna Be a Singer!" bug.
We see you! And you're totally not alone. Plenty of now-famous singers busted their ballads at open mics, church concerts, talent shows and even karaoke bars before being discovered. And with shows such as The Voice, America's (and Britain's) Got Talent and American Idol, it's easier than ever to get noticed.
Most of us LIKE to sing. Some of us LOVE to! But sadly, few of us are worthy of fame and fortune for the awesome sounds that come out of our eager lungs, throats and mouths. Are you wondering, "Am I a good singer?" Find out here by taking our quizzes on this topic. We're looking forward to saying "we knew you when"!

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Do you have what it takes to be a famous singer?

How Good Is My Singing Voice?

How Good Is My Singing Voice?

Am I a good singer?

Am I A Good Singer?

Am I A Good Singer?

Should/Could You Be A Singer?

Are you going to be the next singer?

Are you going to be the next singer?

Are You A Good Singer?

How well can you sing?

Could YOU make it on Broadway?

Do you think you can be a singer?

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469 days ago
my sister and I are in 77th grader and my sister is in choir and wants to be a singer and I'm okay at singing but the bad part is that she thinks I will steal singing from her since it's like, her thing so she always rolls her eyes when I start singing...and it lowers my self-esteem so much :(
559 days ago
i i want to know really badly if i was a good singer now i know i am
571 days ago
will you plz rem pple from getto
591 days ago
Job change singer kids
600 days ago
and now your song is on repeat and im dancing on to your heartbeat. and when your gone I feel incomplete so if you want the truth. I just wanna be part of your symphony.

#replying to preeti bassi
647 days ago
Ive been hearing symphonies, before what I heard was silence. A rhapsody for u and me, and every melody is timeless. Life was stringing me along, then u came and u cut me loose. Was solo singing on my own, now I can't find the key without u.
647 days ago
The cool 123, I'm the exact same as you
647 days ago
MANY people say I've got a really good singing voice but I'm still not 200% sure. My brother mainly says the things I do are JUST good, but he says I could be a singer one day.
671 days ago
I love singing. Singing is like my second language. (English being the first) I have sang in front of people before and I have gotten complements. Me and my bff sing at school but mostly on the bus. She says I am really good. I doubt it though I bet she is just being nice. I am going into 7th grade and i am going to be in choir. But i don't want to embarrass myself because I can't sing good.
673 days ago
I don't know if im a good singer
675 days ago
(i don’t know if am a good singer
705 days ago
Am I good at singing
718 days ago
... =,) best thing happen i was singing hanging tree and my mum said that i was awesome posted a vid on Facebook of me singing so happy now ppl said i was amazing =,) =,) i'm over happy i cant believe it happend!
738 days ago
I'm going to be a singer I got 7 at of 10 right
748 days ago
I love Shawn mendes so much
748 days ago
I sing almost everyday for good practice I sing Havana and mercy Shawn mendes
:) I like singing
751 days ago
love it! it literily
760 days ago
I'm going on the ex factor this year
761 days ago
my favorite song is ~ stitches ~ (( at the moment XD )) and hopfully im good at singing
761 days ago
i'm to shy I've always been really shy i don't even sing at home but i do know what my voice sounds like but I've never known if i was actually good or not... the reason i wouldn't sing in front of everyone is because i'm scared there gonna laugh at me... please don't laugh at this comment...