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9 days ago
I like to write music, sing, and dance but i have not shared it with anyone a
169 days ago
I love musicals and got my first lead in matilda but now my dream role is crutchie in the newsies, milo in imaginary, eponine in les mis, Robertson ay in marry poppins, skimble in cats race in the newsies and lesser stoat or mole in wind in the willows.
169 days ago
This was a fun quiz but not correct. I am more of the dancing character and I am very into the newsies
180 days ago
I love musical theater!(although I have only done 2 musicals...)
180 days ago
That Emily Warren fan, if u work at singing, practice every day and maybe get some voice lessons you can get better.
198 days ago
I’m bad at it whyyyy
261 days ago
I think I’m good at singing
357 days ago
I've always wanted to be like Michael Jackson ever since I was a little girl. I wanted to dance like him, sing like him, have videos like him... I even wanted to kiss him! Anyway, one day in the future, I know I will be able to pursue my lifelong dream with time, effort, and practice. Michael had created my love for these arts, strengthened it, and showed me how to do it. All I have I owe him.
357 days ago
I don't know if it was helpful or not. With some quizzes, definatly! But with others,not entirely sure.
437 days ago
Wow Emily u r very inspirational
472 days ago
It's my greatest dream to be a dancer. I love it when my friends come round to my house. Thats when we go into the back yard and make up routines to the latest songs. Then when we have completely finished the dance, we go to school and we perform it. We performed in front of my crush and he said we were fantastically fabulous.

So everyone who actually bothered to read this always remember to follow your dreams and someday, they may come true.
519 days ago
I wish to be an idol singer and debut with a girl group it has been my dreams since I was 9 I'm working hard I made a lot of progress in singing and dancing now I just need to audition somewhere I hope someone would accept me. My height is 165.10 cm and I weight 120 and i'm 14 years old. Thank you for your time!
530 days ago
i dream to be in L.A i dream to help out my family i dream to act i want everyone to notice me and is working i'm getting pretty i want to be big like kevin hart any ways is turn into the most poopings girl ever if so hit me up and help me meet jake and logan paul thx and kevin art thxs
934 days ago
this is really great.i get to do my own quizes