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Makenzye (55752)
4 days ago
I ❤❤ school so much
Brooke (71723)
10 days ago
this is fun it not bad
Brooke (71723)
10 days ago
what do we do I do not now what to do
caty (41462)
13 days ago
I thot it is FREKI TARBLB
jykayla parham (58197)
17 days ago
i want to do a test today
Simone (72549)
17 days ago
IT IS AMAZING, i agree with Candice Cinderella is my fav 2
Candice (33557)
18 days ago
Cinderella is my favorite
Bell (64357)
19 days ago
I don't know!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤷🏼‍♀️
Lily (77885)
20 days ago
How is this a test or quiz?
trin (58760)
22 days ago
i lov it yalldff4r43r
THE DEVIL (45479)
26 days ago
Haley (33139)
27 days ago
it does not matter if you are a grown up. a kid. a boy. a girl. you all can like disney.
danuvi zoli (75435)
27 days ago
hi people bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
saif (40725)
31 days ago
I like Disney children
Nea (87801)
31 days ago
I'm not sure am I a little baka(stupid) but I can't find any 'Disney children' test in here haha
Kierin (11155)
31 days ago
I feel like Disney channel should be deleted.
aniya (93041)
31 days ago
good for you
Jerika 4 Life (46178)
33 days ago
Courtney ikr!!! Like how th do you even get to it!!!
EveAngelina (41680)
37 days ago
I like Diseny channel
Alexis (78562)
40 days ago
I love Disney channel and the test