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The sequels

~A Misty Path~ #1 101 Dalmatian Street: The Terror
7 Kids - A Sad Life Part: 1 of Part 2 A Journey Through Sexuality
A new view of magic........ PART 1 A Strange Mind (Part 2 of Don't You Get It?)
A teenagers honest diary in quarantine 09.03.21 Adrien and Marinette are married! They know their secret identities!
All Summer Long Alone With My Thoughts
Among Us: The True Story (Chapter 1) Are You And French Bulldogs Meant To Be?
Blog 1: an introduction Broken Code
Cassandra Riddle and the Friendship Ring Chasing The Sun Chapter One
Could It Be? Darkest Days
Dawnbridge's favor... (Warrior Cats Fanfiction) Dear Diary: Rub that salt into the wound(Part 2)
Dramione: Just the Beginning Dramione: Taunts and Tests, Part 1
Drarry: A Twilight Love - Part 1 Dying (part I)
Elements Fading'Steps hope
Fan Fiction: The Maze Runner:) Fan Fiction: The Scorch Trials:)
Feel the Glory (sports edition) Firekit's Journey
Fun Warrior Cat Generator! Glam
GrassFur’s dream part. 1 Guilty Because l Saw
Harry's big decision Part 1 Her Last Words
Hermione's bloody love triangle Him ❤️
How to be a successful author I Thought Wrong
If Bramblestar didn't become deputy If Only
In Another World (A Minecraft Story) Ivy Vs. The Creepers: Minecraft
Let’s appreciate Nature Letters to my BFF's
Lily of My Life Love Potion: A Harry Potter Fan Fiction
Love Square Loving you part one
Luna's Diary(Keep Out!) Lunafur’s Journey
Magic Of The Forest: Part 1 MaRiA (Tales Of A Misled Person)
Marinette and Vinnie: Dove and Lilac Marriage Law (Chapter 1)
Miraculous Fan-fiction: The Sting of the Bee Mirrors
MORE SONGS. Morning Star Stables: Horses, Love, and Mystery
Musical #1 My Alternate Life: Middle School, Something I Know Nothing About [Ep. 1]
My life advice My life story: Reception (Book one)
My love story My mythical journal
Natsuki's View Naughty Newt: Up The Creek Without A Ladle
Never (Part 1) Nightmares of mine
One duolingo course at a time-for safety Sagehearts decision
Sanam Teri Kasam She would hate me, I would hate her
Skyffrey: Denial Skyheart's Story
Snow Moon So Nashty
Starting all over again That One Girl
The Alchemy The Ballet shoe
The Elements rise: Fire's rising The Forest Part 1
The Hero's Adventures part 1 The Interplanet Art Academy--The Test (Introduction)
The Journey Chapter One The lamest Jokes in the History of the world
The last letter The life and lies of Lucretia Cedrella Black PART 1
The Middle School Dance The Saddest Warrior Cats Story
The Story of Tracy Beaker part 1 The Twelve Hundred Days Of Awfulness
Things I will never tell you TigerS & Robin-Part 1
Tikki Gets Akumatized Part 1 To be bullied (version two)
Truly Something (Part one) Twelve-Year-Old Artists: The Budding Ballerina (Book One)
Warrior Cats book 1: The Jay's storm Warrior Cats- Mapleshade made her choice
Warrior Cats: the hidden storm. Warriors 2 The Rising Tension
Warriors: Duskmoon and Dawnsun Warriors: Sun, Moon, and Stars #1
When dreams become reality, part 1 Who Am I: Chapter Four
Wings of Fire: Fire Prophecy Sequel to Lava Rising Wings of Fire: Sweet as Honey
Wings of Fire: The Black Continent Wings of Fire: The Black Continent: Chimpanzee
You're My Moon Chapter 1