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The sequels

7 Kids - A Sad Life Part: 1 of Part 2 A Journey Through Sexuality
A new view of magic........ PART 1 A Strange Mind (Part 2 of Don't You Get It?)
A teenagers honest diary in quarantine 09.03.21 Adrien and Marinette are married! They know their secret identities!
All Summer Long Alone With My Thoughts
Among Us: The True Story (Chapter 1) Are You And French Bulldogs Meant To Be?
Broken Code Cassandra Riddle and the Friendship Ring
Chasing The Sun Chapter One Could It Be?
Darkest Days Dawnbridge's favor... (Warrior Cats Fanfiction)
Dear Diary: Rub that salt into the wound Dramione: Just the Beginning
Dramione: Taunts and Tests, Part 1 Dying (part I)
Elements Fan Fiction: The Maze Runner:)
Fan Fiction: The Scorch Trials:) Feel the Glory (sports edition)
Firekit's Journey Fun Warrior Cat Generator!
Glam GrassFur’s dream part. 1
Guilty Because l Saw Harry's big decision Part 1
Her Last Words Hermione's bloody love triangle
Him ❤️ How to be a successful author
I Thought Wrong If Bramblestar didn't become deputy
If Only In Another World (A Minecraft Story)
Ivy Vs. The Creepers: Minecraft Let’s appreciate Nature
Letters to my BFF's Lily of My Life
Love Potion: A Harry Potter Fan Fiction Love Square
Loving you part one Luna's Diary(Keep Out!)
Lunafur’s Journey Magic Of The Forest: Part 1
MaRiA (Tales Of A Misled Person) Marriage Law (Chapter 1)
Miraculous Fan-fiction: The Sting of the Bee Mirrors
MORE SONGS. Musical #1
My Alternate Life: Middle School, Something I Know Nothing About [Ep. 1] My life advice
My life story: Reception (Book one) My love story
My mythical journal Natsuki's View
Naughty Newt: Up The Creek Without A Ladle Never (Part 1)
One duolingo course at a time-for safety Sagehearts decision
Sanam Teri Kasam She would hate me, I would hate her
Skyffrey: Denial So Nashty
Starting all over again That One Girl
The Alchemy The Ballet shoe
The Elements rise: Fire's rising The Forest Part 1
The Hero's Adventures part 1 The Interplanet Art Academy--The Test (Introduction)
The Journey Chapter One The lamest Jokes in the History of the world
The last letter The life and lies of Lucretia Cedrella Black PART 1
The Middle School Dance The Story of Tracy Beaker part 1
The Twelve Hundred Days Of Awfulness Things I will never tell you
TigerS & Robin-Part 1 Tikki Gets Akumatized Part 1
To be bullied (version two) Truly Something (Part one)
Twelve-Year-Old Artists: The Budding Ballerina (Book One) Warrior Cats book 1: The Jay's storm
Warrior Cats- Mapleshade made her choice Warrior Cats: the hidden storm.
Warriors 2 The Rising Tension Warriors: Duskmoon and Dawnsun
Warriors: Sun, Moon, and Stars #1 When dreams become reality, part 1
Who Am I: Chapter Four Wings of Fire: Fire Prophecy Sequel to Lava Rising
Wings of Fire: Sweet as Honey Wings of Fire: The Black Continent
Wings of Fire: The Black Continent: Chimpanzee Wish You Were Gone 1