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Autism Awareness

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Autism is a lot more recognized now, but this is what it really feels like.

    What if you felt like…

    Everybody was against you, when they weren't?
    Nobody wanted to be your friend?
    That you were useless?
    You couldn't speak to anyone?
    Like you couldn't trust people?

    This is what it feels like to have autism.

    What if you…

    Couldn't interpret people's emotions?
    Cried for no known reason?
    Couldn't feel empathy for anyone?
    Couldn't control yourself?
    Had pretend friends or a pretend life?
    Felt like curling into a ball in the corner?

    But remember…

    You know all the weird and wonderful facts but don't know much about 'important' facts, like fractions. You have many hidden talents that you haven't found yet, that can take you places. You will find friends, and I know making friends isn't simple. People may upset you, but they don't understand you. But I fully understand you. You are one in a million: D

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47 days ago
I'm on the autism spectrum, the only thing wrong is that I don't feel any empathy. Some autistic people (like me) feel empathy very strongly, more so than neurotypical people. But the rest totally applies to me
251 days ago
Thx so much I'm autistic and ur poem was amazing
300 days ago
This made me tear up. I'm autistic, this meant a lot to me.
470 days ago
Im Autistic and I definitely cry for no reason whatsoever :'(
670 days ago
Everybody Ik for some reason think Autism is just being really shy and it's not
Animals make me happy and I love being with them but rn one of my rabbits are dying so that makes me unhappy
670 days ago
I have Autism :P
Not a big problem I guess :)
670 days ago
My sister's best friend is autistic and sometimes people give them weird looks and it really annoys me. Anyways this poem was great!!
790 days ago
I had a friend that was autistic very autistic she would say random things like bubble guppies peekachu when she meant to say real words only I knew how to communicate with her and only knew what she meant to say I would get in trouble for "bullying" her when really all I was doing was talking to her 💔😣
854 days ago
Im on the (very) low end of the spectrum. -w-
922 days ago
I am somewhere on the autism spectrum, have the high-functioning type. This is so sad and I totally agree. This is so not recognised enough, especially in girls.
1034 days ago
Soooo powerful and also heartbreaking that you can’t trust anyone ...I know a boy who has autism. Maybe I can understand him a little better because of this
1067 days ago
Strong not string sorry
1067 days ago
Oh I'm sorry but stay string and so should ur brother...
That made no sense sorry
1143 days ago
My brother has autism. Thx for spreading awareness because people ask me what's up with my Bro and I always say, he has autism... They look at me... "Do you know what autism is?" ya see? It's annoying always having to explain it
1149 days ago
Ur poem writing is gorgeous I live u whoever u r
1460 days ago
I agree with you Kylie,keep up the good work PurityAngel77 you're the best and you pretty much famous on this website lolz
1472 days ago
Purity Angel plz plz PLZZZZZZZ read this I rlly love ur stroies and poems keep it up
1475 days ago
Omg!!!! my little bros have autism is not all flowers and roses