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Positivity and Happiness EARNS you another day.. negativity may take some of that away...

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This isn’t really exactly a.... story. I’m just kind of a noob at this website so... yeah. But the point is that recently I have noticed some things. People and their not so good intentions and their good intentions. There is a lot of good in this world, yet some people are too focused on the bad to notice it.

    Sometimes we feel down. It’s normal. We each have our own opinions and challenges and then there is our personalities. You could be the really happy and encouraging one, or grumpy and kind of a bit down. But that’s okay because we are all different. Today I like to tell you some ways to become a more happy person and I’m not saying that I’m an expert on this one any of this I’m just saying this from personal experience that I have had or stories that I’ve heard. You may feel all alone and I know it’s annoying to constantly hear this but you’re not alone people like try to like make you feel better but sometimes you just wanna be left alone sometimes you just feel like nothing can help you. You feel lost, you feel overwhelmed. But there are 1 million different scenarios or situations or you could be facing or come up with 1 million what if’s 1 million what abouts. There are 1 million different possibilities and solutions. To be honest nobody can really actually show you the right direction to go they can help steer you in the right direction but I can’t directly drive you there. You get what I’m saying? It is up to you to find your way. I know you might be saying I’ve heard this million times I have been told this million times this is all basically just the same thing it’s like you are reading from a script I just need to know exactly what to do because when I don’t want to be told what to do I’m told what to do when I do want to be told what to do it’s like there’s no one there to tell me. you don’t need anyone to be there to tell you you need to tell yourself you can’t just expect someone to just show you the right path you can have them help you and I know may sound like I’m repeating what I’m saying and I probably am because I’m really tired right now but I feel like this couldn’t wait because there are a lot of people out there who was sad and feel hopeless and that is a matter that cannot wait. The main point is, that if you have a dream, if you want to become a singer, author, writer, actor or actress. Go do it. You’re never too young or too old to have or make your dream come true that may sound cheesy and it is cheesy it is very cheesy but it is also true. Because you see, think of it as like think of the world and all of its questions as an open book. You were the only one that can write this book though. You are the only one that can write the chapters, you are the only one that can go back and edit, you are the only one that can write the story. Maybe even think of it as like a movie, you are the star, you are what holds the whole movie together and you are the storyline. Without you though be no story no dialogue. It is your job to act the way you choose to do write you’re movie.

    OK moving past that, the next step is to find out what’s bothering you. I need to think deep down and I mean deep deep deep deep deep down to find what is truly upsetting you could be all the way in there like deep deep deep deep deep down what could be right at the surface. Either way it’s still very important because this is a matter that needs to be attended to immediately. Because if somethings getting the way of you or someone else’s happiness, then that’s a problem. Because you deserve to be the happiest you can be, know if you have a friend that is like really sad what depressed right now then yeah support them but don’t like… Don’t try to solve the problem for them. Let them find their own path it’s OK to help them but don’t just tell them they need to do if they really want the true answer they should find it out themselves. It’s the best way. It displays independence, and courageous attitude. But if you’re the one that is sad and depressed, find your own path. If you were, or still are heartbroken, remember that with every broken heart, the is someone or something that will be there with duck tape. You’re probably like what are you talking about, squid? I’m basically saying that you’re only going to succeed if YOU CHOOSE to, and that you don’t need someone to complete you. If something tragic has happened to you or a loved one, then across a far and wise river, there is land.

    Now that you have addressed the situation it’s time to take charge of it. Think up a plan, or some sort of coping mechanism. Or search up a motivational video. Hang out with friend or family. If you’re really into something like a sport or book or television series, or musical instrument, go watch, do, or play it.

    Now, take your stand! Act on it. You have thought about what you’re going to do. You can do it. We all believe in you! Focus on the good in life, rather then the bad. Because “Positivity and happiness EARNS you another bright day, Negativity and sadness, will affect your day and take some of the brightness away...” (Quote by me, Dr. SQUID)

    Oof. Anywho... I hope this helps you! Keep on pushing through and go continue to pursue your dreams! We all believe in you! ;^)

    (For personal advice, please feel free to email/ contact me at epadgham25@weldre4.org)

    If anyone read this, I hope this helped you, and thanks for taking the time to read this to the end.

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382 days ago
Dr Squid this was very helpful and needed. I hope a lot more people read it. Thank you so much.
581 days ago
this is amazing btw! love it so mch rrly helped me
853 days ago
This is really good!
1106 days ago
1120 days ago
My mind: is laughing so hard and isn't completely sure y
1131 days ago
TheQuizzyAddict, AddyNick, and 143, thank you for your kind support! It is much appreciated! :D

Mama Chocotaffy, your opinion is heard. Thank you for your feedback, Glinda.
1131 days ago
How is this terrible??!! Dr. SQUID's fan fic r DEFINITELY not terrible!!! They r rlly good and sensible and help u out a lot.
Great work Dr. SQUID!!!
1168 days ago
This is not terrible! It's really good!
1204 days ago
mama chochataffy if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it!
1210 days ago
this was a terrible whatever this is and I could not even bother to read it