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How To Manage Your Time Mote Wisely at School/Work

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Is someone or something distracting you? Why is this happening? “Why am I so distracted lately, and how do I stop?”. Find out here.

    Are you doing great in all your classes/ class/ work? Or are you just barely getting by? Do you just wish that you could have a break of all the pressure and stress? Or are you pretty chill and don’t care that much? Either way, school/work is very important. And sometimes can be very stressful for some people. It’s easier said than done but there is a way to be more productive during the day, and make it fun and exciting.

    1. Make a list of everything you need to do and or have been stressing over

    2. Cross off the easy ones and start with the hard ones

    3. When finished with the hard tasks, move on to the easier ones

    4. When done with that double check your work

    5. Have a second pair of eyes look over it, your parents, friend, boss, siblings, pets (not pets, they give terrible advice!), or anybody really...

    6. After all those steps, treat yourself to a nice warm cup of coffee, a TV show you’ve been wanting to see, a good book, or just take a nice long nap, or a yummy snack

    7. Most importantly, DO NOT LOSE YOUR WORK! That would be a bummer if you had to do it all over again

    I hope that 7 step process helps you! Have a wonderful rest of the day!

    Dr. SQUID

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786 days ago
I make my mom sound like a horrible person, she’s not, it’s just she makes school so freaking stressful.
786 days ago
Woah that was a long rant
786 days ago
Hi, I know this isn’t exactly the place but I can’t find any other thingy to ask this on. Well not exactly ask, more like share.

So of course you know about quarantine and stuff. And how school is really hard. And, well, I haven’t gotten a solid 8 hours of sleep (I need 10) for about two months. My mom makes me get up at 7:45 am no matter how late I stayed up working on the stuff that she told me to work on. I’m in 8th grade but 10th grade math, and this is the first time I have no idea what the teacher is talking about (we’re learning trig). I have a B in it right now, which is astonishing to say the least, but my mom keeps pressuring me to get an A. It’s the last day of the trimester to turn work in, and I’m currently failing social studies, but she won’t stop telling me to do my math instead. I got five hours of sleep last night and I’ve been working my butt off all day, and I had to take a few hour long break, but my mom kept telling me to get an A in math or I’ll hate her when I’m thirty because I couldn’t get into my dream college. I don’t even have a dream college. She says that I won’t fail social studies because I have adhd so she can get the teacher to excuse my missing work, but I am a functional human being. I don’t want special treatment, and she’s acting like it’s normal to get all your missing work excused just because you have trouble managing your attention. I’m going to end this right now so I can finish the big project I’ve been working on for hours, but I’ll come back if anyone responds.

I hope you have a great day!

Also I love your name, Dr. SQUID
1195 days ago
My pleasure, I'm glad to hear that this helped! :D
1196 days ago
thank u so so so so much I always get distractedwhen I do my homework this is gonna help me out sooo much