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The Truth About Love

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Enough with the hashtags. Find out the absolute truth about this very... complicated topic.

    PART 1:

    Is your crush with someone else? Did there used to be something there until it was taken away by someone or something? Well the truth is very annoying and grab a pillow. You may need it. You’ll probably need it for step three.... anyways let’s get into it!

    STEP 2:

    If your crush has a girlfriend/boyfriend, maybe try getting to know them better. SO THAT YOU CAN STALK YOUR CRUSH THOUGH THEM AND WIN YOUR CRUSH OVER! HAHAHA! (Uhh. NO!) Don’t stalk those two... please. But get closer to your crushes’ girlfriend/boyfriend. If you’re not friends with them already. If you’re not then this might help you... how do I put this delicately..... wait never mind I can’t. This will help you wake up! I’m sorry but... it may not work out between you and your crush. If you see how good your crush and their girlfriend/boyfriend are then you’ll see how bothering them would just be wrong. So please don’t. Realize that getting to know this person better will help you further understand how your current crush may not be the one.

    STEP 3:

    Do you have your pillow? Great. So the third step is worst of all because this is where you have to simply think. Think about whether your crush right now is truly who you want to spend the rest of your life with, or try and just think deep deep down about why you’ve started to like, really like or even... fall in love with this person. But hey, if you really think then you’ll be able to tell yourself the truth about your future with them. If you just like them because of their looks, there’s no shame in that. However there is more than just a pretty face. (Or handsome face, the term is “there is more than just a pretty face” I just added handsome to make it less one sided) So if you really like this person then in the end you have to decide.

    STEP 4:

    Confront this person if you’ve known them for a while and gotten to know them. Let them know so they can decide if they like you back and if they don’t then that’s okay because the right person will come along soon. Now if you don’t want to confront them then that’s okay. If you just want to talk to someone you could talk to a family member or a friend or counselor or pet. (But then again pets give terrible advice! Do not listen to them!)

    STEP 5:

    Figure out what you’re going to do. Then do it. Good luck, we all believe in you!:) Now go for it!

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1022 days ago
Of course! Thank you! :D
1023 days ago
Dr. SQUID Thank you for replying! Also great advice.
1024 days ago
My pleasure! Good luck, and let us know how it went if you’d like to. We’re all here to listen. :D
1025 days ago
OMG than u and thx fit answering so quickly I thought it would be too late bu the time u replied cuz I'm planning on doing it tomorrow. Thank youuuuuu 😎💖💕
1025 days ago

Make sure that you have her consent, and that the two of you are ready. We all wish you the best of luck and congrats! Best wishes! :D

1026 days ago

Again, sorry I took so long to respond! I hope I am not too late!

Now, I really agree with Sugar Sweet! (Thanks for helping out a fellow All The Tests community member, Sugar Sweet! :D) If he likes you, it isn't all that bad, and he does seem to not want you to know. Also, it is sometimes hard to stand up to your friend if your friend is a bully. If one of your friends became a bully over time, it would take some courage to stand up to them, especially if you've been friends for a long while and the change in their personality has changed quite recently. Maybe he isn't aware of his friend bullying others.

Also, like Sugar Sweet said, we're not 100% sure he likes you unless he directly says it to you. Now if he does tell you, you could say, "I'm not sure if I feel the same way", or if he asks you if you like him back, say, "I'm not sure yet.". Because that's not directly saying no or yes. We all wish you the very best! Best wishes! :D

1026 days ago
Sugar Sweet,

Hello! I am so sorry I took so long to respond, I hope I'm not too late.

Now, if you're confused between having a friendly relationship or a romantic one with your friend, the best place you can find the answer is with her. It may be a difficult thing to discuss, however, the best way to find out is to talk to the person in which it also concerns. What is your definition of "love", and "friend"? If you think about it for a while, you'll be able to get nearer to a decision of the way you feel. Now, if you don't think that you like her in just a friendly way, that's probably true. Just follow your heart, and we're all here for you if you need us! Best wishes! :D

1026 days ago
Cuz me and my girlfriend r SO in love with each other and yeah but she's experienced and Im not so idk what to do
1026 days ago
Dr. SQUID hey
How do u get ready for a first kiss?
1094 days ago
Ah, I see. Well, if your brother and you are close I recommend talking to him about the bully and warning him. And about the guy who might like you, if I were you I’d tell him what his friend did. He might not know. And if he does and doesn’t care about it, then there’s a guy (or girl depending on your sexuality) out there that’s perfect for you!
1094 days ago
Sugar Sweet I don’t need to know, I’m just sad about it and I don’t want my brother to turn into this guys’ friend, in other words the bully. If he really did stand up for the boy and I didn’t see it, I’d really like him!
1094 days ago
I’m not Dr. Squid but I think I’m allowed to help? I’m not sure.
For your case: you don’t know if he likes you. You won’t ever be one hundred percent sure unless he tells you. If you guys are friends maybe tell him about what this bully guy did just to make sure he knows. If he continues to be friends with this dude maybe have a serious talk. If he likes you it seems kinda obvious he doesn’t want you to know, so just let it be. It isn’t hurting you, and there isn’t any reason you need to know, is there?
1099 days ago
Sorry, that was so long
1099 days ago
Here’s the story, Dr. SQUID. Could you help please? Thanks!

So, one of my brother’s best friends got put on my team in summer camp. He was actually my team captain for the week.
He started sitting with me, and once he scooted closer to me. Then he complimented me, (mildly). The instructor for a game we were doing told him to divide his group into big kids and little. But instead, he misunderstood and paired up two people-get this-he made ME his partner. Soon, they sorted it out and he redid it.
The next day, we did a game with everyone working together. Our team wasn’t doing so good, and he talked to everybody about how we weren’t acting as a team. Most everyone crowded when we should have spread out. Then he said “except for (my name) cause she’s-“ then, he stopped mid sentence. Almost as if he was embarrassed to say it, but wanted to.
This continued on until the last day, when his friend (not my brother, another one) was bullying a boy who I stood up for. I became his friend’s enemy, then his in a water gun fight where everyone is independent. Afterwards, he still made conversation with me. I don’t think he had any idea about how I stood up for the boy, but he probably did about the bullying itself. I guess what this all comes down to is...he likes me, but I don’t like him cause he’s friends with a bully. I don’t want to hurt his feelings or anything, but...
1103 days ago
I feel pretty weird asking for advice, but my girlfriend was my best best best friend before I asked her out (which took months of me trying to gather my courage🤣) I love her, and I honestly have no idea why I’m on this page because this is a totally different topic and I understand if no one can help, but sometimes I freak out and start thinking about the fact that I might not like like her I might just be super close to her in a friendly way? I don’t think that’s true but if anyone has advice for my mess of a life I’d appreciate some help 😊😊
1106 days ago

My advice to you is to go with your gut. Is your gut telling you to listen to your heart? Is your gut telling you to tell your crush or not to? Sometimes telling someone is just really hard.... but it feels so good when you finally get the courage to. Best wishes! Let me know if there is anything I can do! 😃

1113 days ago

I have liked my crush for a long time. About a month ago, he told me he likes me, and I said I liked him, too. We’re not dating though. Lately, he’s been asking who I like and saying he forgot who I like, which is making me believe he doesn’t like me anymore, but I’m too afraid to ask him. What do I do?
1153 days ago
Anytime. Also that’s great! I wish you the very absolute best! :D

1154 days ago

THANKS! I don't exactly feel pressured at all with his brother stalking us because I know that I must be the only girl he thinks that he (my crush) likes. IDK. I mean truth be told I hang out with him quite some time and his brother is really amazing and funny (for a supposable melancholic) plus we're family friends so it's all good. Well actually the one time he told me to write his brother (my crush) a letter and "start some drama" got me freaked out in a good way bc it seemed, if you heard what he said, he was talking about sending "love notes" to each other. Well that boosted my confidence in him for a LONG time! Thanks for the encouragement and support!

1155 days ago

Sure thing! And love sometimes takes a while until the moment is just right. You got this! :)


P.S oof sorry to hear about the older brother stalking you guys lol. Anyways good luck! :D