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Dealing With Annoying Classmate/Coworker

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Is there just someone in your class or at work that’s just makes you so annoyed? Here are some tips to help with that.

    This person is just getting on your nerves so much. Sometimes you just feel like you’re going to snap. On rough days this person seems even more annoying. What is the matter with this person? Why won’t they just leave you alone? Or why won’t they leave everyone else alone too? Hello. I’m Dr. SQUID, and today I am going to guide you through a few simple steps towards helping you be less bothered by these... people.

    STEP 1:

    When this person is being annoying is it directly directed at you? Or is it equal between others. You have decided there is a disturbance in the force and it is THEM. But may the force (of sanity) be with you (if you choose to not get easily annoyed). Who knows why this person or people are so annoying? Maybe to annoy you specially. Maybe they’re unaware of how annoying they can be. Or maybe they’re just straight up obnoxious. The lesson here is that this experience is helping prepare you for future experiences. Like when you’re older you’ll have to deal with even more obnoxious people. Even if you’re an adult. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But just remember that these people may not even be aware of how annoying they are. Maybe if they do still try and try understanding.

    STEP 2:

    Understand? What! Oh no way! You don’t understand. This person is the most annoying human being to walk the earth!

    Well that’s just based off of your opinion. To somebody this person might be the least annoying person. Who knows?

    Does this person affect your life outside of school/work? If not then maybe rethink why you get so annoyed at them.

    Are you kind to them? If you’re wondering why they bother you so much maybe ask them. Maybe even try and befriend them. I know I know. Not a good idea. But hey it’s worth a shot right?

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1391 days ago
Moo hey y’all I’m Moo and i thought this was absolutely amazing it worked Moo
1578 days ago
Yeah... I do love my brothers, but they can be annoying... very...
1582 days ago
Oof I sent the wrong emoji I meant to send 😃
1582 days ago
I’m not sure to be honest. Your siblings are your siblings and you’re kind of stuck with them... but oh well. You probably still deep down love them anyway 🙂
1594 days ago
((What If they're your little brother?fuchsia))
1619 days ago

That's wonderful! I'm so glad this helped! Have a great rest of your day! 😀
1620 days ago
I used your advice and now my annoying classmate barely bothers me