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Crush Love Note Ideas

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A lot of people have the same problem: "I want my crush to know I like them but I just couldn't tell them myself!" Well you don't have to tell them in PERSON. Here are some note ideas for those who are more comfortable to just drop a note. Please comment your thoughts on this list.

*Suitable for both boys and girls

    Here are some choices that maybe you would consider: "Nobody likes you Nobody cares about you Nobody thinks you're special Well I am that no
    Here are some choices that maybe you would consider:

    "Nobody likes you
    Nobody cares about you
    Nobody thinks you're special
    Well I am that nobody"

    "There will always be a 'what if' when it comes to you"

    "Somebody loves you but is too afraid to tell you"

    "You wanna know who's the kid I like? Read the first word again."

    I wish I could tell you I love you but I'm too afraid our friendship will be ruined if you don't feel the same way"

    "You're the 'nothing' when people ask me what I'm thinking about."

    "Stop being so cute. It hurts ;)"

    "Don't you think it's annoying when people ask you who you have a crush on! I have to say your name every time!"

    "Look, I know that in your eyes I'm a nobody...
    but in mine you're that special somebody."

    You have no idea how hard it was to admit I had a crush.
    ...But you were all worth it."

    "Why did you have to come into my life? You're so amazing it kills me."

    "I've always wanted to say this...
    1. ...see 5
    2. I feel bad but it's 6
    3. Actually see 7
    4. I JUST CAN'T SAY IT it's on 8
    5. Um check out 3
    6. Y'know what, it's on 4
    7. Sorry it's 2
    8. Go see 9
    9. Ok ok it's on 10
    10. I LIKE YOU"

    "You know that crazy feeling? That feeling that there's this person you just can't live without? Well, put it this way:
    I have that feeling for you."

    "Just when I thought I'd never know love I met you."

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1264 days ago
I have another:

Do you like me?
[] Yes
[] No
[] Maybe so
Check off how you feel
1265 days ago
Cause if it was schoolwide and stuff... it might be bad
1265 days ago
I tried this... except I didn't actually tell him who I am... and then his friends were all crowding around him in the hall as he showed them the note so funny
I'm also one of his friends and he told me so now I'm gonna keep doing it but I hope that I don't get caught and that it doesn't become a big thing like teachers finding out...
1270 days ago
I used the nobody one and now my crush is my boyfriend ❤️❤️❤️
1271 days ago


1273 days ago
aww so sweet, I am most definitely using one of these! I saw your comment on my quiz and I decided to check out yours, you're a very good tip-giver (i don't have a name for it rip)
1275 days ago
Srry I meant love not live
1275 days ago
Helloooo I just lost my true live :(
1280 days ago
Uh oh. Hello everyone. I just wanted to let you know that my "does he really like you?" test, the one that we've been commenting on, isn't under my name in "my tests" anymore!!! So just to let you know, if you ever want to look for it, go to the homepage "love/relationship quizzes" and search, right about the comments section in the search bar, "the love test to end all love tests". You should find it there. Sorry!
1281 days ago
aw ty, Kloe :)
1281 days ago
Ravenclaw Girl Tysm :D I'll take yours too!
1281 days ago
Hey guys 👋 hey tgp! Ive decided to take all ur quizzes 😁
1281 days ago
Hello, Fellow Earthling!
1281 days ago
Hiya!! (I had to fill in the space)
1281 days ago
Haha, LOL Kloe! 😋
1281 days ago
This is so cute! I'm definitely going to use one of these ideas, but I'm going to remain anonymous. And since I'm her best friend, she's going to be like, "I HAVE A SECRET ADMIRER" to all of us XD
1283 days ago
1283 days ago
Hey guys. #TGP, good ideas btw!
1283 days ago
Well anyway welcome to any users on this site. Please leave a comment because if you do I will see it and reply! Just maybe not right away since I don't get notified or anything when someone DOES comment on any of my tests...
1308 days ago
Oh, hey Savanna. You should get my letter concerning allthetests tomorrow. It will explain who multiple people who comment on my tests are. Well, Piano Keys was the first user I got to know on this site. We used to comment back and forth on every one of my tests until one point. Sorry you'll get my letter! Piano Keys, this is #TheGoldenPizza, my bff. (Neb isn't it supposed to be #GoldenPizzaLover?)