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Crush Love Note Ideas

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A lot of people have the same problem: "I want my crush to know I like them but I just couldn't tell them myself!" Well you don't have to tell them in PERSON. Here are some note ideas for those who are more comfortable to just drop a note. Please comment your thoughts on this list.

*Suitable for both boys and girls

    Here are some choices that maybe you would consider: "Nobody likes you Nobody cares about you Nobody thinks you're special Well I am that no
    Here are some choices that maybe you would consider:

    "Nobody likes you
    Nobody cares about you
    Nobody thinks you're special
    Well I am that nobody"

    "There will always be a 'what if' when it comes to you"

    "Somebody loves you but is too afraid to tell you"

    "You wanna know who's the kid I like? Read the first word again."

    I wish I could tell you I love you but I'm too afraid our friendship will be ruined if you don't feel the same way"

    "You're the 'nothing' when people ask me what I'm thinking about."

    "Stop being so cute. It hurts ;)"

    "Don't you think it's annoying when people ask you who you have a crush on! I have to say your name every time!"

    "Look, I know that in your eyes I'm a nobody...
    but in mine you're that special somebody."

    You have no idea how hard it was to admit I had a crush.
    ...But you were all worth it."

    "Why did you have to come into my life? You're so amazing it kills me."

    "I've always wanted to say this...
    1. ...see 5
    2. I feel bad but it's 6
    3. Actually see 7
    4. I JUST CAN'T SAY IT it's on 8
    5. Um check out 3
    6. Y'know what, it's on 4
    7. Sorry it's 2
    8. Go see 9
    9. Ok ok it's on 10
    10. I LIKE YOU"

    "You know that crazy feeling? That feeling that there's this person you just can't live without? Well, put it this way:
    I have that feeling for you."

    "Just when I thought I'd never know love I met you."

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1354 days ago
Who’s piano keys!?!?!?!?
1355 days ago
Piano Keys! You're back! Yes! I'm great how 'bout you? There's a new commenter on my tests now she's my bff Savanna who I invited to join allthetests! Her username is #GoldenPizzaLover so far she's only commented on my Lego Movie 2 songs list and my 7th grade knowledge test but we've been texting. Haha she's the first person I know personally who commented on any of my tests!! I can introduce you if you like.
1355 days ago
Hey TGP im back....
it's been soooo long!!! Hows life!!
1355 days ago
okay, tysm! 😄 i hope i’ll get the courage to ask him to hang out lol. thx again! 😁
1355 days ago
Also yes you can call me pizza some people even call me TGP or #TGP and I'm absolutely fine with that.
1355 days ago
Ravenclaw Girl,
No I agree I do think it should be the boys who ask the girls out! 😊 And honestly I don't know if he'll ask you out exactly NEXT YEAR it could be sooner it could be later but boys are complicated you know? I would start by, not asking him out yet, but simply offering, "hey, you wanna hang out?" or something like that to get him more comfortable. Soon he'll do the same and it won't be just "hanging out" in the next few years!
1356 days ago
yeah ur right, pizza (can i call u that)! the numbers thing is creepy... also thx for giving me advice! speaking of advice you probs remember me asking u 4 advice on ur “love test to end all love tests” quiz, but ima ask u here too lol. so it’s not rly advice, but based on what i’ve told u abt my crush b4, do u think he’ll ask me out next year when we go back 2 skool (or camp since that’s closer)? just wondering. i’m not gonna ask him out, cuz i don’t wanna and i feel like boys should b the ones to do that lol (just my opinion; u do ur own thing). thx!
1356 days ago
Hey guys quick survey:
If there's one emoji that would describe you the best right now what would that emoji be? Mine's obvious...💘
1359 days ago
Lol fellow earthling 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
1360 days ago

Yes, I think I will do that or, I could give it to him before I go home and then run!
1361 days ago
Fellow earthling, I know how you feel! Well, almost. See, I pranked my crush twice by leaving him a small creepy origami talker (I drew a face on to it and he's super afraid of them... Lol) by leaving it on his backpack at the end of class where he'll see it. You could do something like that if he's far away enough from his backpack to notice. That's just my advice, since I know you don't have lockers.
1362 days ago
So, I'm gonna give my crush a note but... how should I give it to him???
1368 days ago
Fcts n Exp what was that?? 🙎
1368 days ago
Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?
1370 days ago
Hey guys I'm back. And I have a different number as you may have noticed. I think I was using the same WiFi as #TheGlisteningPizza back there but Idk for sure. Anyway I'm not pulling a prank just to clarify.
1371 days ago
Btw guys if you need any advice I'm here to help!
1374 days ago
Yeah maybe......... 😌
1378 days ago
As you can see, my number has changed. I think it is the WiFi that you are using. Or the location. My number is different because I am using VPN, which I need to use to access this site if it's blocked on certain WiFi.
1379 days ago
Fcts n Exp:
I KNOW RIGHT OUR NUMBERS ARE THE SAME!!! I typed my comments on both a phone and a computer, but guess what? THE NUMBERS ARE STILL THE SAME!!! No really when I transferred from this phone to our family computer the numbers stayed the same idk why tho 😭. I mean is it someone pulling a prank on me 'cause I know no one who uses this site other than myself. No one uses my phone either!
1379 days ago
Hello there, I just discovered your love note ideas. I also read up on your comments. First of all,

The numbers after the username are the same!
For your last comment, where did type it up?