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Crush Love Note Ideas

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A lot of people have the same problem: "I want my crush to know I like them but I just couldn't tell them myself!" Well you don't have to tell them in PERSON. Here are some note ideas for those who are more comfortable to just drop a note. Please comment your thoughts on this list.

*Suitable for both boys and girls

    Here are some choices that maybe you would consider: "Nobody likes you Nobody cares about you Nobody thinks you're special Well I am that no
    Here are some choices that maybe you would consider:

    "Nobody likes you
    Nobody cares about you
    Nobody thinks you're special
    Well I am that nobody"

    "There will always be a 'what if' when it comes to you"

    "Somebody loves you but is too afraid to tell you"

    "You wanna know who's the kid I like? Read the first word again."

    I wish I could tell you I love you but I'm too afraid our friendship will be ruined if you don't feel the same way"

    "You're the 'nothing' when people ask me what I'm thinking about."

    "Stop being so cute. It hurts ;)"

    "Don't you think it's annoying when people ask you who you have a crush on! I have to say your name every time!"

    "Look, I know that in your eyes I'm a nobody...
    but in mine you're that special somebody."

    You have no idea how hard it was to admit I had a crush.
    ...But you were all worth it."

    "Why did you have to come into my life? You're so amazing it kills me."

    "I've always wanted to say this...
    1. ...see 5
    2. I feel bad but it's 6
    3. Actually see 7
    4. I JUST CAN'T SAY IT it's on 8
    5. Um check out 3
    6. Y'know what, it's on 4
    7. Sorry it's 2
    8. Go see 9
    9. Ok ok it's on 10
    10. I LIKE YOU"

    "You know that crazy feeling? That feeling that there's this person you just can't live without? Well, put it this way:
    I have that feeling for you."

    "Just when I thought I'd never know love I met you."

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1336 days ago
BTW Nathaniel the boy I hung out with in 4th/5th grade is the person I have a crush on;not to freak you out or anything but yeah... guys, can you please help us with this situation?! 😨
1337 days ago
Piano Keys I know right?
1337 days ago
@GTP and Nathaniel that is actually rlly scary lol
1337 days ago
Also you know what Nathaniel? (Can I call you Nate?) That's creepy because my name starts with an S and I'm Filipina and hung out with a boy in 4th/5th grade! Not telling who the boy is because that would get even creepier because newsflash... He's got the same name as you! Haha coincidence, right?
1337 days ago
Woah how does "Nathaniel" have the same number as me?? WHO IS THAT?
1337 days ago
I like a girl let's call her S. So we used to hang out....a lot.... Like back in 4th or 5th grade or something... then just started again recently..... She always laughs even when I say something stupid 😂
I mean she's Filipina but there are a lot of boys our age that are Filipino. So I don't think I have any chance.... 😢 She's always laughing with the other boys too.. Help me?
1340 days ago
1340 days ago
@TheQuizzyAddict omg tysm!!! sry i didn't see this till now lol
1344 days ago
oh yh and Piano Keys, ive read that story and it was AMAZING
1344 days ago
hey its me TheQuizzyAddict and i absolutely loved this 2 bitz! i may do this 4 Leon my crush but hes going out with Skye :(
1345 days ago
Was that a question Me#shreya#? If so then I don't know hgfhjj.
1346 days ago
The glistening pizza
You know hgfhjj
1348 days ago
1348 days ago
I got my idea from my classmates and some comments I saw on yt. There is a way of telling who is who tho. I'm not 100% sure how this works but I think the number next to your name is assigned to a specific IP adress. If the number is the same, then it is the same person. My friend Anshika's number changes sometimes tho I'm not completely sure how that works but I have learned these little things bc I tend to be observant and curious.
1348 days ago
Piano Keys THAT WAS YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Haha I was going to address the person who did that on here to say that I didn't make that up but of course you didn't have a name so... DID YOU MAKE THAT SAYING UP OR IF NOT WHERE DID YOU HEAR IT FROM IT'S SOOO CLEVER! Sorry I'm overreacting a bit...
1348 days ago
Also u know those youtube videos "imagine ur crush while watching this" imma do that but as a story. It should be done soon!
1348 days ago
Sorry I haven't been on in soooooo long. The person that did the "nobody likes you nobody cares abt you nobody thinks youre cool and my name is nobody" was me I just didn't put my name bc that was all part of the trick. Nice jobbbb btw :) lol love the one with the numbers one id do that for k but im too scared lmao
1348 days ago
This is so helpful, I might use these ideas one day when im not a complete chicken
1350 days ago
Haha thx Fellow Earthling I kinda made it up but I got an idea from some picture when looked up "secret admirer" notes. If any of you need further ideas then I'd suggest looking that up.
1350 days ago
Lol. I absolutely love number 12!